Medical Academy of Spiritual Development (abbreviated as MADRA), a noncommercial medical public organization, has been established in 1992. Its stated objective is scientific validation and practical application of the Teaching of Living Ethics (also known as Agni Yoga) brought through by the Roerichs and H. P. Blavatsky. Our research activities are focused primarily on medicine, science (especially Kirlian photography) and education.

Why do mysterious diseases and epidemics, absurd wars and terrorist acts, cataclysms and accidents happen? Is it not a cause to ponder on the future of our planet?

What will it be? It depends on each of us.

"The meaning of life is affirmed in human consciousness when understanding of man's role in the Cosmos is revealed. The world is then designated by Us as a field for action in the name of the good of humanity. When the spirit apprehends the truth that Macrocosm and microcosm are inseparably bound together, a conscious bond is established, and cooperation with the cosmic energies becomes possible. But how helpless people are when they lead a form of life isolated from cosmic currents! Indeed, life is transformed when the spirit consciously ascends..." (Living Ethics, Fiery World III, para. 67).

Coming to Earth of the Roerichs and H. P. Blavatsky has marked the beginning of the Fiery Epoch, the Epoch of the Mother of the World. Much secret knowledge, previously hidden over centuries, has begun to be given to humanity. The world view is changing. New research directions in the science of man emerge. The possibility to know Beauty of the Cosmos and Infinity is now open to each of us.

Medical Academy MADRA publishes various spiritual and education literature, including Arctur magazine, and offers Roerich-related public programs and exhibitions. It also has its own library.

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