Scientific task of Academy

The main scientific task of Academy is the affirmation of vitelity of the Doctrine "Living Ethics ", the legacy of the Roerichs and E. P. Blavatskaya, with the help of scientific researches, first of all in the field of gas-discharging visualization (GDV). (the Êirlian's Effect).

Founders, organizing Academy, planned to create an alternative scientific organization which hadn't been hindered by frameworks of existing scientific dogmas and rules of mutual relations in the scientific surroundings. These dogmas and rules are occasionally directed not to receiving new results but just to satisfaction of definite material or only personal aspirations (a thesis, a career etc.).

We do not want to prove a vital necessity of work in this direction to somebody but simply consider that our moral duty is to pay attention of the people who think and search to it. The results of our researches are published in the anthology "ARCTUR". We also conduct two-three-day seminars: " Science About a Man — the Present and the Future ".

The received information witness an indisputable scientific value of the Doctrine "Agni Yoga","The Doctrine will be the prophecy in the scientific world " - (a chapter from the book "Steps to Health", is being accomplished for the edition).

In the same time we do not refuse to participate in the exchange of results of researches. For example, for a special contribution to success of the international congress "Consciousness, Information, Spirituality " that was held in St.-Petersburg in May – June, 1999 the certificate was presented.

In July, 2000 we participated in the International Congress on Bioelectrografy: "Energy of the Earth and Human" in St.-Petersburg with the report: "Evaluation of energoinformatical properties of water for searching of zones, optimal for human residing"

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