23-25 march 2001c. Yaroslavl

International scientifically-practical conference
"Living Ethics and science of the future"

We invite scientists, researchers, physicians, psychologists and all interested people, enclosing their own efforts that new, broader scientific outlook will strongly included in public consciousness, to take part in International scientifically-practical conferences "Living Ethics and science of the future".

Time of realization of the conference:23-25 march 2001.

Place of realization of the conference:Russia, city - Yaroslavl, Yaroslavsky Branch of the International Institute of Economy and Rights.

Organizers:International Soviet of Roerich organizations, Yaroslavsky Roerich society "Orion", Yaroslavsky branch of the International institute of economy and rights, Researching laboratory of studying a psychic energy, Researching institute of social problems RAEN.

Goals of conferences:

The form and condition of realization of the conference:

The form of participations can be direct or correspondent. Direct form expects a direct participation in meetings of conferences as a lecturer or listener. At correspondent form of participations an author sends his or her own materials in accordance with offered subjects. That materials can be are sounded on the conferences, or presented as the stand report and (or) published in the collection of reports later on deciding of committee of the organizers.

Residence for out coming participants of the conference is in the hotel "Yaroslavl".

Within the framework of conferences is expected undertaking broad excursion program: Yaroslavl, Rostov, Varnetsi (motherland of Sacred Sergiy Radonejsky).

Approximite themes of scientific reports and messages:

  1. Epoch of energetic outlook.
  2. Ethics of realization of the researches in science and ethical approach to using the results of scientific researches.
  3. Different aspects of Psychic Energy and its manifestation in person.
  4. Living Ethics about new discoveries.
  5. Ethical aspects of forming of future scientists, teachers and physicians.
  6. Proof of existance of high measurements and thin worlds.
  7. Particularities of studying the thinnest energy.
  8. Directions and methods of new researches.
  9. On the way to the new scientific paradigm.
  10. New look to the evolution of person and its mechanisms.
  11. About intercoupling of spiritual and physical health.
  12. Experience of using the new methods in the modern science and medicine.
  13. Problem of death and immortalities from standpoints of science.
  14. New instruments and devices for studying the thin energy and person.

Deadline for applications for the participation, thesises of reports and appearances, taken by committee of the organizers is 15th February 2001.

Amount of participants and thesises of appearances are in agreement with committee of the organizers. After that we will deport you invitation and program to conferences (not later 1 march 2001).

Coordinator from committee of the organizers on organizing questions:

Sergei Vladimirovich Scorodumov,
address for letters: 150049, Yaroslavl, p.o. box 13,
telephones: 30-82-91, 21-31-59,
E-mail: sim@yorp.yaroslavl.su

Coordinator from committee of the organizers on scientific part:

Svetlov Alex Vasilievich,
telephones in Moscow: 962-85-42, 962-94-44,
E-mail: kazn@cmes.elektra.ru

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