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(On this page we shall place information about cultural events directed at the creation of a New World require support. Write to us!)

      "Help each other, harken! Help in the small and in the great. Help is a rap upon the future. You know not which is the drop that filled the cup to the brimů The heart aflame with help is Our heart". ( Hierarchy, 434).

1. The appealing about the help in the construction of ═.╩.Rerich's Museum in Novosibirsk.
2. The help is necessary in the editing of literature.
3. The help with books is also necessary.
4. Could you help us, please? The petition about the financial help for construction of unique clinic for a children and an adults.

The appealing about the help in the construction of H.K. Rerich's Museum in Novosibirsk:

We live in the most difficult time of financial and moral shocks. But our soil does not become scanty on people whose hearts respond on the call of Culture and Beauty. They feel that it is possible to create the future just on these foundations.

A building for H.K.Rerich's Museum in Novosibirsk that has been given by urban authorities is being restored. The construction is being carried by LTD "Reconstruction".

All the operations are realized on donations, both financial and material, rendered by firms, organizations, private people. And this help comes not only from Novosibirsk but also from various cities and villages of Siberia, Russia, close and distant foreign countries.

It is a well-known fact that it is difficult to build something, especially not having a constant source of financing. But there was such a custom in Russia many years ago. And many temples were erected when everyone did a feasible bit for a common cause.

In such a way Novosibirsk Museum, named to honour a great Russian thinker Nikolay Konstantinovitch Rerich, is being buit now. He devoted all his life to working for his Motherland and all World.

An effective help in the problem of the construction of N.K. Rerich's Museum in Novosibirsk is a feasible contribution of everyone to a spiritual revival of Russia.

The old world lives its last days,
The new one is changing it.
The night is expiring, the sunrise is occuring.
Who has linked with darkness, will leave with it;
Who has aspired to Light, is reviving now;
And he has been able to see the sacred hail,
Both new Skies and new Soils.


The next stage of the construction has been completed - the roof is erected, both heating and water were placed. But there is still a lot of work to do.Ahead still huge operation. And only together we can overcome these hard difficulties we meet. Therefore we appeal to all people of good will to ask to take part in the noble business of an international construction of one of the most appreciable cultural objects of Russia.

We ask not to be confused by small sizes of help, " you see, the ocean consists of drops ". Help can be rendered in various forms:

-different building materials;
- raw materials (coal, metal, wood, fuel-lubricant materials);
- transport services to deliver necessary materials.

Council of Siberian Rerich's Society.


Help in the editing of literature is necessary

The following brochures are almost ready for the editing at the moment: "└gni Yoga about a Pray"; "Doctrine will become a prophecy in the scientific world" (Living Ethics and effect ╩irlian); "Upbringing, education... or treatment" (Why children are sick?); "From └urvedi to nowadays" (Principles of treatment in various ancient directions); "Stones and health" "From magic to science" (Scientific aspects of development of secret knowledge); "Why are we sick?" And others.

Medical Academy "╠└DR└" asks to assist in the editing of inexpensive brochures so necessary for people in our difficult transitory time, they will help to become healthier spiritually and physically.

For the realization of this task the equipment for a mini-printing house is necessary.


The help with books is necessary.

Rerich's center was created in Varna two years ago. It has been working actively all this time. A small library (about 100 books) was assembled by common efforts. Only 20 of them are on Doctrine, all others are on ezoterico-religious-philosophical and nonconventional-medical themes. The books are acquired with great difficulties as ther are no financial sourses and books themselves.

The library of our center is situated in the central urban library and many readers have an access to it. Besides the demand for books on Doctrine and about ancient wisdom notably increases but they are not present in Bulgarian (are not translated yet), in English, in Russian in spite of the fact that many people know Russian here.

We ask to help us to enrich our small but necessary library if there is such a possibility. Certainly we shall be glad for any help but we have a great desire to acquire the books by ┼. Blavatskaya, Rerich's femily. These light books will sow a lot of kindness here. If you respond to our request, we shall agree upon sending additionally (for example through tourists or firms that will have a rest in the summer in Bulgaria).

I wish success and force of spirit.

Olga Kracheva
The chairman of Rerich's Center in Varna.

P.S. In the end of 70-s' years Svyatoslav N. Rerich presented about 280 pictures (Gimalayi) of his father to Bulgaria. They are in the gallery of foreign art in Sofia.

Our address:
Varna 9000
Central Post Office POBox 663
Varnenski Centr "Rerih"
Olga Kracheva

Could you help us, please? The petition about the financial help for construction of unique clinic for a children and an adults.

Dear Friends!

In a 1992 in Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine) by group of the physicians was organized Medical Academy of Spiritual Development "MADRA" - noncommercial medical public organization. The founders of Academy was set the task to create alternative scientific organization in research of bioenergy, not constrained by limits of existing scientific dogmas and rules of mutual relation in scientific environment, which are at times directed not to get of new results, and only to satisfaction determined material or personal desires (dissertation, career etc.). As a result of researches we got the model of treatment and prevention of diseases, on the basis of synthesis of east and western medicine. We patented the method of Autogenic Meditational Psychotherapy (AMP) (The patent of Ukraine N 22611A).

Our experience of treatment more than 7500 patients with a various pathology, including, patients from treatment which the official medicine has refused, are implanted the hope, what many diseases can cured. In a 1998 because of absence of financing we were compelled to leave state medicine and we founded private clinic of psychotherapy and east medicine äUrusvati". (Licence 24035-JUR of Ministry of Health of Ukraine). Now we rent the small hospital near city and we have diagnostic centre in Dnepropetrovsk. However because of limitation of the rooms, we can not assist patients in sufficient size.

We were the participants of three International Scientific Congresses on Bioelectrografy in St.-Petersburg in 1998, 1999 and 2000. On them we made the reports and our researches are published in materials of congresses.

Our initiative about construction of the building of clinic in a pure ecological and bioenergy zone is maintained by Administration of the President in Novomoskovsk's region of Dnepropetrovsk's province and they agree to give to us a site of land for construction.

However we have not financial means, as the patients, which we treated, sometimes simply have not an opportunity to pay the treatment because of a heavy material situation.

We circulate to you with the petition about the financial help for construction of unique clinic for a children and an adults.

Yours faithfully. The head physician of clinic Dr. Evgenij E. Semenikhin.

P.S. In the present moment the clinic have large need in a microbus for transportation of the patients (of a children & an adults) to the clinic and back.

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