Spiritual School for Children

Spiritual school for children has been created at MADRA Medical Academy in 1994. The school works on Saturdays, children from 5 to 14 and older study there. The school aims at the development of the spiritual potential of children, the education of harmonious person, and the expansion of consciou sness of children on the basis of the Teaching of Living Ethics (Agni Yoga) and works of Blavatsky and the Roerichs.

The school program includes study of different themes in the Living Ethics: constitution of human being and Cosmos, psychic energy, good and evil, the laws of Cosmos, love, etc. In addition to it, talks are given on heroes, ascetics, and the bases of ethics, and classes on creativity are taught. Children visit exhibitions, theaters, temples, and parks, and learn to live in harmony with themselves and the surrounding world.

Children's theater "Rainbow" works as well.

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