"The threshold of the New Era that brings a great world reconstruction and is escorted by incredible revelations and scientific discoveries will not come easily, but it is wonderful to lay the foundations of a magnificent Future". (Helena Roerich, "At the Threshold of the New World.")

The Program of Medical Academy of Spiritual Development, MADRA
(Adopted December 25, 1999)

  • The creation of the Roerichs complex of physical and spiritual healthincluding a clinic, research laboratories, a cultural center, a library, and a hotel in a favorable energetic zone.

  • The regular publication of the Arctur almanac and spiritual literature.

  • The creation of a temple-museum of the New World in Dniepropetrovsk.

    Think on it and write to us, if you want to participate in the construction of the New World.

    "Beauty is contained in each participation in the construction of the New World." (Heart, para. 593.)

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