8. Radiation of minerals

To your attention the diagrams received at researches by the device GDV-CAMERA (К.Korotkov). By pressing on the image, you can it increase.

"Thus it can be said that the psychic energy of man and mineral cooperate, being one." ( AUM 1936 Paragraph 567)

"There existed a method of cure by means of natural emanations. Instead of internal dosage, the sick were surrounded with appropriate minerals or plants. Of course such a method presupposed a subtlety of receptivity. But if people wear magnetic rings and use local applications of the leaves of plants, the surrounding substance will also be useful. One must not assume that the contact of metals and the proximity of certain plants do not act upon man. People consider such reactions idiosyncrasies, nevertheless the properties of minerals and plants are indisputable. People may become intoxicated from a single sniff of alcohol; they become feverish when approaching certain plants--one may notice everywhere the reaction to emanations. This field of man's interrelationships should be investigated." (BROTHERHOOD 1937 Paragraph 514)

Radiation of amber.

Radiation of obsidian.

Radiation of mountain crystal (orientation of a crystal to east).

Radiation of mountain crystal (orientation of a crystal to north).

Radiation of light-blue clay.

Radiation of serpentine.

Radiation of cornelian.

Radiation of heliotrope.

Radiation of fluorite.


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