13. Researches of the device FORPOST

To your attention are offered images, received at researches with using the device GDV-CAMERA (К.Korotkov). By pressing on the image you can increase it.

Computer influence on user and researches of protective action of device Forpost
Without device FORPOST With device FORPOST

Before work with computer

After 45 minutes of work with computer

Before work with computer

After 45 minutes of work with computer
Green color - before work with computer
Red color - after 45 minutes of work with computer

The device "Forpost" was developed by Ukrainian scientists and this device ensure protection of users, working with computers from one of the most dangerous parts of radiation of the monitor.

Last time the level of safety of computer displays from side of electromagnetic radiation considerably has increased. However the medical researches show, that health of users continues to suffer.

The developers of the device "Forpost" proceed from a hypothesis, that one of the major reasons of such harmful influence is so-called torsion radiation. The torsion field of left-hand polarization, created by the monitor, damages a biofield environment of human organism. "Forpost", being the static generator of the torsion field of right-hand polarization, rejects harmful radiation of the monitor. For this purpose it should be placed directly ahead of the computer monitor.

Just as part of steel becomes a magnet under influence of a magnetic field, a special substance of a case of the device "Forpost", processed by the generator of torsion field, gets properties of a source of such radiation. Thus it does not use external sources of energy, that allows making this device compact and inexpensive.

The theory of torsion fields causes many disputes among the scientists. However, regardless to a principle of action of devices "Forpost", submitted here results of diagnostics evidently confirm that the using of those devices positively has an effect for a condition of organism of computers users.


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