2. Radiation of the environmental world

To your attention the photos received on the device AGRD-2 (S.Romanij). By pressing on the image, you can it increase.

1. Radiation of the operator before research.
2. Radiation a leaf of a violet after a sending of idea: "I shall cut off you!"
3. Radiation of the operator after answer-back "impact" of a violet.
(the comment)

1. Radiation needle of a fur-tree.
2. Radiation needle of a fur-tree after branch of the part.

At branch of the part of needle, we see, that the most part transfers energy to the cut off slice, simultaneously "pumping up" energy from space.

Radiation silver small cross.

1. Radiation of coin which has been picked up in the street.
2. Radiation of coin after power clearing.

Any subject can be the accumulator of the energies, that are not always pure.
"Not only is infection possible through contact with copper, but the channel of this metal brings maladies." (LEAVES OF MORYA'S GARDEN, BOOK TWO, III,III,15)


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