4. Harm of smoking. Energy's influence of the people against each other

To your attention the photos received on the device AGRD-2 (S.Romanij). By pressing on the image, you can it increase.

Harm of smoking:
1. Radiation of the person before smoking.
2. Radiation of the person after one smoked cigarette.

Power influence of the people against each other. Power suppression of one person by other.

"All structures are subject to this same law. And people should be graded according to the composition of their auras. The ray which unifies the manifestation of harmonious auras acquires the strength of augmented attraction, but inharmonious combinations produce repulsion Two harmonized auras can create a New World. Two harmonized auras can be a pledge of success, for the reaction from the unification of rays can direct each beginning toward advancement. Let us affirm harmonization and unification of auras." (FIERY WORLD III 1935 Paragraph 66)
"Let us take the conversation of two people. If there is mutual trust, the radiations will be excellent and will even improve from the combining of energies (photo). Now let us observe if one of the two is a hypocrite, or if they mutually distrust each other, the aura will be repulsive, with black and gray spots. Moreover, the two hypocrites will do mutual harm, and there will be no better hotbed for the germination of their diseases. More than that, space will be infected from such a wrong employment of energy.
Consequently it is not enough to understand trust as an abstract moral concept. Trust should be valued as a salutary means."
(AUM 1936 Paragraph 362)

Power influence of the people against each other. Mutual power suppression.

Power influence of the people against each other. Mutual strengthening energy potential.


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