6. Substation, collecting energy. Chronic alcoholism

To your attention the photos received at our researches. By pressing on the image, you can it increase.

Bioplasma power substations, collecting energy of the person. (the comment)

Bioplasma element fixed by the device K.Korotkov.(comment)

Aura of the patient, sicking with chronic alcoholism.

"Healer, tell the ailing ones that the use of wine diminishes by half their chances, that the use of narcotics takes away three quarters of their vitality." (LEAVES OF MORYA'S GARDEN, BOOK TWO, II,VIII,14)
"But terrible is the decomposition of the nerve substance under the influence of drunkenness and all kinds of vices. Ponder upon the state of the subtle body, when the subtlest nerves assume the significance of a skeleton!" (HIERARCHY 1931 Paragraph 190).


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