Chapter 10

Agni Yoga - the Way to the Future.

"Through the Teaching, going deep into the essence of sent happiness, one must go stepping firmly, discerning how the Greatest Hope of a Mankind rises from the dead..." (Enlightenment, ch.I,Y,6)

"Compare the stream of Teachings, having been given to mankind. Each of them not destroying the preceded one, opens slightly new gates to knowledge.

The process of life is engraved on each given teaching, hence to learn them one must not for acquaintance, but for applying in life. Only through this way you will create the current of energy." (A.Y., 142)

In 1931 we entered the most complex and crucial period of our history - Armageddon, predicted in many beliefs, has come over. Armageddon - the last Battle between the forces of Light and darkness, the struggle at the end of which the darkness will definitely be banished from the Earth and Satya-Yuga will set in.

"...You know that the hour of the Great Battle struck. The Battle of which there were many predictions and indications in all the Teachings and all through the ages. The Great Armageddon has become already, the fall of the 1931 started the Great Battle."(Letters, 12,31)

All our history is the history of the battle of forces of Light and darkness for the man. Today our Earth perpetrates the next evolutionary step from matter to Spirit, but every step of overcoming demands tension of all the forces. Dark forces tries constantly to change the direction of evolution. So the forces of Light have to struggle indefatigably guided by the law of Free Will, so it depends on everybody how to pass all the steps.

The legends about the country where the Light clear people live, exist practically in all fairy-tales of all the peoples. In the East the High Spirits, who finished their earthly way and stayed on the Earth to help us, are called Mahatmas, and the place, where they live is called Shambala! Invisibly, day and night they keep watch helping people, guarding them, prompting, creating new possibilities.

Existence of Mahatmas and the sacred land of Shambala doesn't cause any doubts from people in the East.

Nicholas Konstantinovich Roerich wrote that there were the cherished word in the East, and if you pronounce it, you have been honored and respected likewise the best guest. This word is Shambala.

So the Highest Hierarchy of Light has had its Embassy on the Earth, its Stronghold, the Bulwark of pure high energies. Day and night the Great Spirits indefatigably work.

Each intelligent man may ask himself where from Bible, Bhagavad Gita, Koran, Vedics, Agny Yoga and many other antique and sacred books came? And if we analyze them, we shall see that each of them in one or another form prompts a man how to live observing Cosmic Laws and not disturbing the balance of a planet.

Who are they that with infinite love bore their cross, often suffering from the imperfectness and incomprehension of our world. What are they, Christ and Buddha, Mohammed and Solomon, Krishna and Mozes, Zoroaster, Orpheus and many others, if not the Epistles of the Divine World, the Great Brotherhood.

We remembered only few who came at the turning-points of the history, but how many of them remained unknown to people, they suffered, but proceeded to carry on the fire of their hearts to people who didn't even suspect of their presence.

At the most critical periods they gave religions, sciences, philosophy, medicine, they helped to overcome difficulties. But very often people kept in mind only outer aspect of a given Teaching, reducing everything to rituals.

Moreover, many turned away the stretched hand of help proceeding their existence in darkness and ignorance. Such a hand was stretched to our country.

In 1926 Roerichs performing the honourable mission, bring the message known as The Letters of Mahatmas to the Soviet Government. They hand it in to Lunacharsky and Chicherin. But the message was put aside till "the best times", and how they turned to us we know from history.

To the end of the past century one can refer the period when materialism in people's consciousness reached its culmination. But at this time there appears a new science Theosophy telling us about more complicated structure of a man and Cosmos. The feat of Helena Petrovna Blavatskaya is in that in spite of incomprehension of her contemporaries she could bring knowledge about new vision, arguing with the prominent scientists of that time and inevitably coming out as a victor. To what extent was it difficult one can judge by the responses of her contemporaries. She was extolled like Goddess, and at the same time she was blamed in swindle and charlatanism. Keenly feeling the imperfectness of people and the world, in sufferings and illness she proceeded to carry on knowledge which people needed so much. The teachers, percepting her tortures more than once proposed her to leave physical plane, but her fiery heart continued to blaze, burning itself for the benefit of our planet.

So Helena Petrovna - the Herald of Shambala enlightened the way of evolutionary changes.The era of the World the New was approaching. "It was told by the Great Teachers "The only Blavatskaya knew", and our task in future is to put on the right Height the esteem of this great woman-martyr."(Letters,06.05.34)

"I'll say, namely H.P.Blavatskaya was the fiery messenger... Precisely she was a great Spirit accepted the heavy mission to instigate the progress of the consciousness of mankind... I worship the Great Spirit and Fiery heart of our country-woman."(Letters, 08.09.34)

Many modern scientists will be astonished having known that the knowledge stored in The Secret Doctrine may be used nowadays.

The Living Ethics or Agny Yoga having been brought to us in 1930-40ths has become the synthesis of all earthly knowledge. In many respects passing ahead of evolution, and blazing a new path for the centuries ahead, the Teaching appeared to be the fire which was burnt next in turn by the Great Brotherhood. The Living Ethics announced that a man had been an immortal cosmic being in the Boundless Hierarchy of Light which permeate the whole Cosmos.

This Teaching came through Helena Ivanovna Roerich ascertained by her experience, sufferings and feat, that the mankind was ready to assimilate fiery energies, descending to the Earth for evolutionary transmutations. Latent abilities to clairvoyance, levitation, telepathy, which earlier were manifested only at some individuals will become the abilities of many. And what is the main, we learned that we were not alone in the Great Unity of Cosmos.

Will the fiery energies be painlessly assimilated by the mankind? More likely they won't be. In order to possess new qualities we must learn how to transmute new energies in the heart and to discern that we can apply them only for the common benefit, but not for one's own sake.

One of the most complicated periods in the history of the Earth is coming to the end, and Armageddon is in its logical completion. On a great space of the Subtle World the significant victory is gained and the ruler of the darkness has been driven out of the Solar System in 1949.

It might happened because the mankind having suffered the horrors of the Second World War managed to understand where the victory of the darkness could lead to; and our common will turned our planet to the Light.

"We are rejoicing having realized that the last struggle of the Forces of Light with Hierophant of Evil has finished with the utter defeat of the latter and with his drawing away out of the Solar System. Certainly the myrmidons of evil have been still numerous and they will proceed their evil actions, but they will weaken, not having assimilated new influx of strength and support from their dark lord."(H.I.Roerich. At the Threshold of the New World, letters,27.11.1949).

If the prince of the darkness is drawn away, then hasn't Armageddon finished yet? Why then we don't see the coming of Light Epoch (Satya Yuga)? Culture, morals and manner have been continuing to fall. People have turned away from art and beauty, very often people are "being oppressed" with inconsolableness. Yes, the signs of great Battle, described in Agni Yoga are on hand.

"Anguish in the reflection of Armageddon, the strength of clash cannot help depressing the hearts. Look around. Is it much rejoicing? One can notice how rare we see smiles. Don't wonder, for even inconversant minds sense depression, but they don't know the heavy reason. Many will deny in words, but however they will feel pain in heart." (H.,362)

Well, the big fight in the Subtle World finished with a significant victory. But the Great Battle hasn't completed yet, it has been going on in the Subtle World, and mainly - on the Earthly plane. This Battle is carried on for our souls, our hearts. One can hardly imagine how low the consciousness has fallen down, even in the cultured people, and how far we wallowed in heartlessness. Why, the notion itself "a cultured man" sounds as anachronism. We ceased thinking of the Future, even about the Future of our children. What do we hope for?

"Only extreme madness whisper that everything by itself will take its right place. It won't be so! So as the darks moved away the fundamentals, being not able to govern them, we precisely must go inseparably in everything. One have to apprehend that the spiritual tension of these days is not already in the measures of the Subtle World, It's not far from the Fiery one." (H.,380)

"It's time to look searchingly over lie and bargaining. People's perishing has been before our eyes. So it's necessary to accept that everybody is to be blamed in Armageddon, and so nobody can deviate from." (H.,552)

Let's recall how Agni Yoga characterizes the following path of a mankind. "You may write down the prophecy that if people avoid catastrophe, they will turn to refining of the life. Then the time of bringing together two worlds will come. Even now the densification of subtle entities is not a phenomenon yet. And physical body emanates a subtle body. From both sides the parts of the bridge are being protruded. A flash of lightning may joint these parts. On a Great Watch We have been waiting when the bridge will be jointed, then Our work will also change and We shall go to the far-off worlds.

So the first task of a mankind is building the bridge of the temple, and the second one will be created then, and namely the communion with far-off worlds"(S.M.,366)

What bridge does the Great Teacher mean? Certainly between Subtle and material world. But how can energetically such a bridge be connected? What are the conditions for its appearing?

In this particular moment of the history it only depends on us how we make up the next step of evolution. Every man, moreover, that who thinks over sense of life, who doesn't want to live a plant life, who wants to know its predestination, he must decide whether to be in the evolutionary stream or to choose the way of involution.

Understanding the energetic nature of our world, and the fact that every man is a Cosmic Magnet we must accept that if we accomplish good causes, we serve the Common Good. When we want to change ourselves spiritually we attract more high energies, and so, naturally the energetic field of the Earth, country, town, place of our dwelling also changes. And this is the simplest answer how to put an end to Armageddon in our world. It will be over at the moment when the hearts of people will become the bearers of Light, Good, Freedom and Love.

We see how new diseases and epidemics occur in the world. The tension of higher energies presses the astral entities to more dense layers of our world. And so in understanding of the causes of new diseases there appears the term "possession". We have to comprehend , that possession is the intrusion of the entity of the astral plane into the energetic system of a man. If we discern the antidivine nature of the entities of the subtle world, as having belonged to the hierarchy of darkness, then we see that being devoid the possibility to transmute higher energies, they have to search for them in people, and the absence of guidance will lead to panic and fear among them. As a result there have been numerous attempts to inculcate into the aura of people, living on the Earth. Thus, it can be scientifically explained the appearance of mass diseases on the base of possession about which Agni Yoga tells.

"Let the physicians not be amazing if he notices that the symptoms of possession acquires the epidemic character: they are much more numerous than the man's mind can imagine. And at the same time the varieties have been very different: from almost imperceptible oddity to violence."(F.W.,I,278)

If this intrusion captivates the whole individual then the psychic disease takes place, if it is partial then it manifests in causeless alterations of mood, abnormal irritability, fits of anger. Very often such factors like dipsomania and narcotizm may cause possession. Even the supposedly "inoffensive" habit like smoking may also become an open gate for intrusion of astral entity. How to discern when a man undergoes the influence of astral plane? The symptoms of possession are as follows: lowering of mood, phenomenon of weakness of will, passiveness, and at times causeless aggression.

Modern medicine not having contained the notion of possession won't be able not only cure, but prognosticate the course of illness.

"And over all unsteady equilibrium of the World concerns Me very much. Obsession is developing and threatens with insanity. The phenomenon of mass obsession hadn't been manifested at such a rate earlier; it's unclear why the scientists don't pay attention to such a calamity!"(F.W.,II,223)

Our research showed the connection of higher energies with immunity, The emergence of new diseases will be due to non-assimilating of higher energies and consequently these diseases will have the characteristics of the deficit of immunity. For example SAID, the nature of which our modern science cannot explain now. Why don't scientists see that in the origin of this disease there present moral, i.e. spiritual aspect?

Many diseases which earlier were treated by ordinary remedies, in the epoch of Armageddon will resist the treatment until the doctors understand the energetic cause of the disease origin.

The most important is to accomplish both: not to assume the influence of low energies, and, besides, to think of your evolutionary task on the Earth. One must every day ask himself: what do my thoughts, words and deeds carry on - Light or dark?

"That's why the Epoch of Fire is dangerous, so as carrying cleanness, it also carries the strengthening of epidemics to resist to which only those will be able who managed to clear his aura enough to assimilate the spatial fire. And that is why it is so urgent to implement the basis of Living Ethics into life and by the clearness of thoughts and deeds to transmute one's own energies." (Letters,23.06.34)

According to all prognosis we enter the last period of the transpassing to evolutionary renascence of Russ (Belaruss, Ukraine and Russia). But it doesn't mean that new life will arise by itself while we are inactive. When each citizen understands his responsibility not only for his deeds, words, but for his thoughts also, the Future of the Earth will become beautiful.

Some people think that the coming changes won't touch them, that they firstly will build their material life, and then, maybe, will indulge in spiritual life.

"The Teaching of evolution shows that the people's timidity increases before the replacement of race. But the time comes and those who didn't learn to swim would have swallowed salt water"(A.Y.,47)

Many are interested why the misfortunes have been collapsing on Russ, one can imagine all our history as the struggle of Light and darkness?...while studying Exhortations one must bear in mind not only their content, but also the language on which they are given. This Teaching is given not without reason on a definite language. One may investigate all the Teachings from the antiquity and understand that the given language shows which people should have manifest the step of ascending.

They sometimes suppose that the Admonition is given on a language which is closer to the receiver, but this explanation isn't sufficient. You'd better observe the causes in all their completeness. Nothing has been happened by chance. The Receiver of the Teaching is not at random and the language is chosen by the necessity. (S.M.,468)

This is the answer about the evolutionary role of our people, because through the trials we ascend. The best of us must become the teachers of mankind, and today as never before there stand a question about the place of each one. Agni Yoga gives not only the concrete advices about the steps of ascending, but it tells us about the possibilities of good deeds for the benefit of all. If everybody, striving to the spiritual perfectness, have compared each his action with the plane of evolution, then Satya Yuga would have come much more quicker, and many cataclysms and natural calamities would have been avoided.

Can we say today that everybody makes all his best to conduct light energies to the Earth. But if Armageddon must connect earthly and subtle planes then each kindled heart will be that lighthouse to which the Highest energies will descend. One must throw away all the doubts, all uncertainty - for these feelings are engended by the darkness.

Broadening consciousness, disclosing heart, labour for the Common Benefit will build the steps of ascending, and as never before the question of uniting is raised. It's necessary to introduce energetic understanding into this question, and in this respect the uniting of thoughts as a factor of New World is obligatory.

"Uniting is pointed in all the beliefs as the only stronghold of achievement.(Com.,4)

Armageddon have been first of all the fiery energies, descending to the Earth, developing the essence of a man, clearing out good and evil in him.

One of the most important conditions, which will help to avoid epidemics, catastrophes, may become the creation of the energetic superiority of the higher energies in the material world on the Earth. Isn't this the condition which was indicated in the Bible:"

"...and with Him were a hundred and forty-four thousand who had His name and the name of His Father written on their foreheads." (The Revelation of John, XIV,1)

Doesn't the immensity of unclear wars, catastrophes, earthquakes and natural calamities, doesn't it speak that the energetic field of the Earth is in extremely unbalanced position, and that we ourselves by our thoughts, deeds, wishes have created such a situation?

So it is quite urgent to introduce the general problem of saving the Earth. This is a very important period and the people of different beliefs and spiritual trends must unite. This unity is necessary for saving the Earth from catastrophe. Agny Yoga gives the key to such a unity. "Why not rush, facing the danger, if not by the heart, then, at least by the reason. In such a way you must think in the days of great shaking." (S.M.,86)

The time of changing has come close, one can percept the creating energies. This is an important time of chose. We'll see how the differentiation according to accepting or non-accepting new living conditions, will be manifested. Many will assimilate the understanding of good and evil. And if they not at once understand the deep essence of coming changes, however the flashes of realizing will take place. An important time of overcoming one more boundary of resistance and meanness of the dark world is one step more to Satya Yuga.

We again must restore the idea of Roerichs about building the World's League of Culture. Isn't it the task for all? Today we must forget our local interests, selfish wishes, and for visualization compare them with the World's Plane. And the fact that this work is first of all for those who live on territory of Russ, is of no doubt.

"Besides multiplying Our help, uniting is a kind of pumping spatial energy. People forget that their energy in collaboration has been increasing many times."(S.M.,385)

The time has come when all the misfortunes collapsing our long-suffering Earth must melt into High Feelings of Love, Compassion, and Good.

"The tension of energies is high, Armageddon has been at its height, and though the progress is seen now on the Subtle plane and the pure high energies have been descending now, but on the earthly plane it is very difficult for energies to force their way through because of the consciousness is closed. So the open hearts, conducting ones have been of great importance now. Remember about it every minute. Don't call anybody by force, but every minute remind about terms. There rebels the arm of struggle, and it is nearer and nearer to the earthly plane. Remember about it. Every day collate your doings with the plane of your Lords. Remember about spiritual world and all the rest will be applied. How important is to be on the watch, in a constant strain, the fiery strain, but do it without fuss. The mutual channel may only be established by bilateral tension. In the overcoming of difficulties the arms of spirit has been forging, its armour is a fiery one..."

The conclusion which may become the beginning.

"The Cosmic Fire is kindled with the spark. Verily by the spark of wish the torch of knowledge is kindled. Only don't block your way by yourself! Only rush, and the Radiance of Infinity will overflow you." (Inf.,I,14)

Every man at least once in his life touched his higher consciousness. When we fall in love, or we are carried away by creative work, we have been at the threshold of the Highest. This moment we ourselves are the last whom we think of, we are ready to love the whole world, all the mankind. Our consciousness moves to the heart, and the Highest Love composes hymns to infinite Cosmos.

We live in difficult, but very interesting time of renascence of spiritual and cultural values. As never before each man faces the question which way to choose: the way of Light or darkness, evolution or involution, and how to pass it. Rather actually it sounds for those who, having touched Agni Yoga, wants to force his way to Light.

If you try to bring sacred knowledge into your ordinary life, you'll meet difficulties. They appears because we cannot unite the material and the spiritual world in our consciousness. We blindly try to copy the Laws of the Fiery World. The matter certainly reflects the Laws of the Higher World, but this reflection isn't straight. For example if we take the parables by Christ, and, not going into their inner sense, try to follow them it will bring us nothing for the spiritual growing.

What conditions are necessary for penetrating into our inner spiritual world, which has been the part of the united Boundless Cosmos. Before we speak about these conditions we must ask ourselves: what for do we need it? And the answer to this question demands thorough reasoning.

If you consider that the world where you live suits you, and you like to spend time with your friends, drink wine, smoke, i.e. to live in a world of sensual pleasures, you'd better remain it all as it is.

For example, somebody is locked in his flat and doesn't see what is happening in the world. Suddenly his neighbours shout: "Look, the next flat has caught fire!" He however answers: "This is the problem of my neighbour, not mine." Probably for him the time of realizing of Fiery transmutation of a man hasn't come yet, has it?

"For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark." (Matthew,25.38)

And if a man came across the difficulties or diseases, is he then ready to listen to about new knowledge? Not always. He got used to get a pill from the doctor if he is ill, and if a son doesn't obey, he must get out a belt.

And only in the case when you begin to understand that there is the Highest over the material world, if you feel heart anguish, if you compassionate to all living beings, and want to understand and to change yourself, take the Teaching of Life in your hands!

Very often when a man only begins spiritual advancement, everything with him goes lucky. But sooner or later there comes a very complicated moment of choice: to the spiritual perfectness, or to the earthly well-being. Sometimes this process passes imperceptibly. But those who comprehended karmic law, the Law of Cosmic Justice, understand that there are no accidental things, there are things undiscovered.

What however helps a man who decided to devote himself to spiritual selfperfection, to find a way? Who wants to kindle the lamp of his spirit, must realize that at this moment for him the Armageddon begins in his struggle with his own consciousness, with his own self.

The first difficulty is the overcoming of selfishness, own "Ego" which, as appears, has become unmeasurably large. A man seems to himself a great specialist; he thinks that the surrounded pay little attention to him, underestimate him at work and at home. He becomes highly touchy, sometimes hot tempered, irritative.

One must note, that before coming to joy and harmony on the way of service to Light everybody must get rid of his shortcomings. The first occult law works here, as H.P.Blavatskaya wrote.

Every day, every moment you have to choose between your own and common, between property and renunciation of it. And if to go deep into the process, taking place here, you'll see that it is first of all the choice between the earthly and heavenly. The Law of Sacrifice helps to distinguish: the feature of the matter is in captivating and attraction; the sign of Spirit is in giving back, in refusing.

At this stage a man often has to solve problems how to overcome compromises with his conscience. The conscience is one of the signs of spirit. H.P.Blavatskaya wrote that the sufferings of the sole transmutates into its conscience.

This becomes the essential necessity to those who wants to pass further having not stumbled. One must become absolutely sincere, first of all before his own thoughts, reasoning and actions. As a pattern the words by Christ from the Sermon on the Mount may serve: "Pass no judgement and you will not be judged. For as you judge others, so you will yourself be judged, and whatever measure you deal out to others will be dealt back to you." (Matt.7,1-3)

But further Christ points out: "Do not feed your pearls to pigs; they will only trample on them, and turn and tear you to pieces"

Is there any censure in the second example, or maybe here we see any other category? To discern the truth there permit the words by Christ which He said at the crucial moment on Galvary: "Father, forgive them, they do not know what they are doing." These words show the Highest Love of the Teacher.

Why is He so categorical in His Sermon of Mount?

Here we must distinguish between evaluation and estimation. Estimation, censure means first of all bringing of ones own opinion into estimated object; it often is inordinate praise of one's own "ego", which, as it seems to us, is always better. The introducing element of one's own opinion bears not a spiritual, but personal aspect of vision which doesn't correspond to understanding of the Law of Cause and Effect.

Those, the striving for, must understand that censure darkens the approach to truth, while evaluation permits to discern correctly.

It's difficult sometimes to make out how we must behave towards some definite person. Here in a help there is an idea that "every man has got the divine, the devilish and the humane. The divine we must love, the devilish - reject, and with humane we must have patience"(E. Heitch. Initiation)

It's necessary to understand the spiritual and cordial level of interrelations. These notions are often misunderstood. The image of hermit is seen to be the so-called complacent who loves all around, and absolves everything to everybody. It isn't true, however. Christ Himself drown out of the Temple those who were selling out. Sergius of Radonega blessed Dmitry Donskoy to war, and giving him his young monks knew beforehand that they would have been killed; Serafim Sarovsky refused to accept those, who had come with malicious intent.

The next difficulty is the confusion of concepts churchianity and spirituality. We conceives the ministers of religion to be the almost apostles. But it is dangerous also to run to the other extreme, remembering that any temple is better than none. People in sacerdotal robes often continue to have been ordinary people and sometimes also need compassion and tolerance.

Living Ethics says that it is your hearth that will help you to discern the right way.

One of the serious obstacles, if not the most one, is the prosiness. In everyday fuss a man with difficulty find time for personal spiritual work. It is not for nothing said in Agni Yoga: "Many dragons watch for in order to put obstacles to each advancement...Among the most ugly will be "the gray dragon of prosiness". (AUM,319)

How to overcome all the dragons watching over the Gate of Truth. At any stage of spiritual advancement two things are very important - aspiration to the Light and labour for the Common Benefit.

"Aspiration is the shield against all. Aspiration is a ray of sun." (Enlightenment,chII,I,2) "Labour is the victory over prosiness." (AUM,322)

Labour is the necessary step in spiritual advancement. Labour where man don't think of himself what a good man he is that he works for the Light, but simply feels gladness. Labour must be unselfishness, then the heart is delighted.

How to discern true servants of Common Good? They are those who not by words, but by deeds also are ready to prove vitality of the Teaching, to carry the energies of evolution and Light to people. They are difficult to find, but if it had been easy, then Satya Yuga would have come to the Earth long, long before.

"Verily, the Teaching of Life has been the touchstone. Nobody will pass by having not revealed his true essence. Who will rejoice, who will be horrified, who will become indignant. So everybody must show what is concealed in the depth of his mind. Don't be amazed that the reaction to the Teaching are so diverse and so striking...If somebody cannot contain the principles of justice and morality let him manifest his unfitness. In manifested formula let there remain as little masks of hypocrisy as possible. Let the wildness manifest itself, for it cannot remain long under the cover of pretence. So let the young heart to rejoice, in a joyful ascending it may manifest itself. So let the measure of Teaching be also the showing of the division of mankind. Good and evil must be distinguished, but such a discerning comes not so easily."(Br.,197)

Try to penetrate into the inner essence of knowledge, into their spiritual order. Monks usually say while praying: "My Lord, help, give understanding, show the way", Buddhists in meditation say the same: "Blessed, give the possibility to get to know, learn to apprehend the world."

Any spiritual work acquires such kind of penetration. But what is its secret sense? The psychology of Future would have said: "It's the transgression of consciousness into the sphere of spiritual heart." One have not only to learn by heart, and to write down new knowledge, but must try to penetrate into their inner sense constantly comparing and reasoning.

Living Ethics is a Teaching opening before man new ways. Try to sense the Music of Spheres, to sense yourself as a particle of Universe, to penetrate into the planes of be-ness where the truth is cognized. It will be wrong if we throw away our earthly mind and won't use it for cognizing of those mysterious. Our problem is to make our consciousness to work not in the limits of prosiness, but to transpass to more subtle energies. How to do this? First of all by realizing that everybody has got the higher step of consciousness.

The Living Ethics will help and will explain how to kindle and how to guard the Fire of Spirit and to begin to put together new pages of life. The way is hard and the dangers are watching for wayfarer. But without dangers there are no overcoming, no podvig, no joyful labour.

Kindle your heart! Let the Love elucidate your way to the New Epoch of Happiness.

"Think over your constant facing the image of Infinity. The most elevated words don't express Almighty. And only in brief instants the heart may palpitate with the rejoice of cognition. Do, learn to remember such instants, for they will be the key to the Future." (S.M.161)

THE SIGNS OF SERVICE are one of the most important ideas for those following the Way of spiritual perfectment. Agni Yoga defines them as follows:

"The first sign will be the renouncement of the past and full aspiration to the future.

The second sign will be the recognition of the Teacher within one's heart not because is necessary, but for otherwise it is impossible.

The third sign will be the rejection of fear for the one armed with the Lord is invulnerable.

The fourth will be non-censure, for that who strives into the future has no time to deal with the garbage of yesterday.

The fifth will be the filling of the entire time with Labour for Future.

The sixth will be the joy of service and complete devoting of oneself for the Good of the World.

The seventh will be spiritual striving to the far-off worlds as to the way predestined.

According these signs you'll discern the spirit ready and manifested for service. He will understand where to draw a sword for the Lord, and his word will be from within his heart." (Hier.196)


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