Chapter 9

Good and Evil.

"The Thinker said: Isn't it a miracle that you can convert evil into good?" (S.M.325)

Not long ago extrasensorics fascinated us so much, that many people were ready to run to any courses where for a moderate payment (and sometimes not so moderate) they can acquire "sacred" knowledge, and in addition, a certificate which supposedly gave the right to work in different countries.

Thus the "international specialists" appeared. Why didn't even the single of those attending courses, think over the question: is it possible to apprehend the knowledge, precipitated through the ages in mankind, is it possible to master this knowledge within two weeks, or even a month?

Some people all their life through tried to apprehend the Truth and, nevertheless they didn't achieve considerable results, didn't they? Why do the monks following the way of life which favours penetrating into the secret knowledge not always achieve the enlightenment? Some separate zealots are the exception, and the memory of them is being kept through the ages.

A doctor studies 6 years, a nurse - 4 years, however we are lack of good doctors. Isn't it because to knowledge there must be added years and years of practice, everyday and constant perfection. And not only the precipitation of knowledge is demanded, but there must present penetrating into the inner nature of things and events.

Studying the biographies of prominent talented people we see an interesting regularity: they all worked much, constantly and with animating. Here is one of the keys. Only constant and indefatigable labor may open the cherished goal.

There is one but not the least circumstance. This knowledge is always transmitted from the Teacher to the pupil. Who could be a pupil? Only that who was ready, from the evolutionary point of view, to apprehend the Truth, who could transmute his lower nature into energy of love and benevolence, who was ready to accept a heavy load of knowledge. And having passed many trials, he himself became the Teacher who had acquired new vision.

Thus the Faith is born, be it religious or scientific. First of all the Faith is the vision, the ability to see the world from some definite position.

The ancient practice of descending knowledge was lost. That's why now anybody who has read some quantity of books, anybody, not even being acquainted with the occult laws and possessing some separate broken observations, could then become "a teacher"("guru"). What "knowledge" was this? They very often were primitive sources, just meant unprepared listener. Without penetrating into causal relationship, these sources told about outer side of various "magic" actions resulting in healing.

The absence of profound knowledge first of all negatively affected the individuality of "healers" themselves. The first occult law was engaged - everything negative in a man became apparent, because any action on an energetic level would thus be only "amateur" without profound knowledge.

For example without knowledge of the ancient law which reads, that first, a man must cognize and win himself, the so-called healer doesn't even notice how he falls under the influence of mean astral energies and becomes a pawn in their hands. Sometimes these healers attained the recovery of health of their victims (we can't name them in the other way), but at the end they had to pay for their treatment and teaching by their higher energies, that is by their soul. We observed that the healers themselves resulted in disorders of psychic health and they ceased analyzing what was going on.

Today Agni Yoga gives the opportunity to apprehend the laws, revealing their connection with the Universe, and certainly that who hasn't assimilated them, cannot give knowledge, and moreover, heal.

All round the World for the objectivizing energetic condition of an organism the measurement of energopotential in the centers of acupunctureis performed. We also carry out such testing. The measurement before and after the treatment accurately shows the normalization of the points potential which also corresponds to the clinical procedure of a disease. In the cases when the patients used first to attend the extrasensors, some negative data accurately become apparent on the meridians of liver, kidneys and small intestings, and they don't change for a long time. The longer the contact with the extrasensor was, the more stable the alterations are. After mass or short contacts the prognosis is more favourable.

Very often the patients mark that after the seances at the extrasensors first there came the significant improvement, but after that the disease began to progress so rapidly that any ordinary medicines didn't help.

From all this we can surely say about the negative energetic influence. "Why does it happen?"

We seldom ask a question why in all religions, tales and legends of the world the forces of good and evil are always present in that or other aspects. The existence of dark forces has been the reality, hasn't it? And of course a man is interested that if they exist, then how did they appear, and what for do they play all these "their dirty tricks"? The world must be built reasonably , if there act Cosmic Laws in it.

There is an ancient legend how in order to help mankind in its evolution very long ago the Highest Teachers, Seven Great Kumaras came on our Earth in order to give us knowledge and to help us by their own example. But one of these Teachers, being the last in the Chain of Hierarchy of Light, couldn't overcome his "ego" and tried to shut the earthly world for him and his servants into his own shell. Why did it happen we shall learn when the time comes.

According to the Law of Free Will he himself chose the path of involution. His knowledge was immense but not infinite, because he had fallen away from the collaboration of the Great Cosmic Brotherhood, and consequently was deprived the possibility to accept higher knowledge and higher energies. Selfishness and egotism closed an evolutionary way to him. Having failed the trial, he refused from the accomplishment of his task: namely he was entrusted with the task to elevate the consciousness of people.

Having been deprived the Divine energies of the Hierarchy of Light, he and his servants had by fraud to take off this energy from people, for, otherwise they could not simply exist. For this purpose they managed by ruse to entrap people and to obtain energy through them.

So by this way there appeared on Earth the hunters on human souls, and only the Higher knowledge and Faith protected people from the attacks of darkness. Think really, have the many withstood?

The name of this teacher was Lucifer, i.e. the bearer of Light, but he had lost his higher predestination and his name became the synonym of evil. Here is the interpreting of those events by the "Legend of Lucifer" in the book "Cryptograms of the East".

"Wherein lay the revolt of Lucifer? He wished to remain within the boundaries of the planet. And the legend of the Prince of the world is quite correct. He began to surround himself with spirits being contented with the earthly aura. In order to hold his adherers he began to unfold before them the possibilities of the Earth, imitating - at times with skill - the counterpositions of the opposing side.

One may say about the miracles of Antichrist. "What for we need the consciousness of future, when I can show you the powers of the Earth!"But nobody among his adherers will say leaving the Earth "I am ascending, my Lord!" But he'll only shudder, tearing himself from the glare of the Earth.

Really, Lucifer was beautiful, and he in his specific manner gave people the cognition of the earthly radiance. But without him there wouldn't be a definite boundary between the Earth and the nearest spheres. Without him the difference between the life on the Earth and on other spheres would be gradually effaced, permitting the spirits who incarnate to possess the movability of the matter.

But on the contrary, this ancient Prince of the World chains the matter to the crust of the planet occupied by him. As the Spirit of the planet he possessed the knowledge of the entrails of the Earth, but his delusion lies in his unwillingness to collaborate with other planets. And namely this point has brought Christ to the world.

While Lucifer extols the light of the Earth, Christ shows the beauty of the whole Universe.

We say - "Let the light of Lucifer burn, but the grandeur of the other lights won't be hidden behind them". We are not afraid to utter his name. We are aware of his existence.

We say - "Your way cannot finish the Earth's destiny because only by the communion with other worlds the life of your crust will be renewed. All your rocks will wear out, then where will your throne become firmly established. But life is everlasting and the everlasting interchange gives us the eternal home"

Christ didn't differ much from your servants, but he showed the advantage of the movement far beyond the boundaries of the Earth. Christ said: "I can stay night on the beautiful Earth, but then continue My way. But hold your servants, the Proprietor of the Earth, so that they wouldn't hinder Me from continuing my way in the dawn".

So one had ravished by matter, another is going to the worlds of Light possibilities.

Lucifer! Time is coming to renew your lamp.

Lucifer, having the possibility to be the Representative of the Unity, preferred to enclose himself from his neighbours. The fight of the despair transmuted the bearer of light and his ruby aura became filled with scarlet glow. His followers verily began to use disreputable means.

Poor Bearer of Light, in Christ's decease you've made fatal mistake. Deodar, which lifted Christ's body, will only shorten the way to the Upper World. Hence you shall have to depart to Saturn, for you have long been called Satan. However, the Gardener of the matter might also find the fields and might work like on the Earth. And take the last piece of advice - revise the rows of your servants.

On the Ladder of life you wished to pass ahead the Teacher. Here you've got the warning. Here stands the witness of your fate. And the Star of the Mother of the World raised as the banner of your folly, when you decided to humiliate the bearer of Spirit.

You see, the woman will return to the place predestined!"

Helena Ivanovna Roerich wrote in a letter that the greatest achievement of the darkness is that it managed to impose on people that it doesn't exist. But even in our time the existence of dark forces was proved by the so-called "White Brotherhood" which converted people into zombie, because people were needed for energetic nourishing of the dark forces.

In our practice we had a case when a young woman "after the clairvoyants connected her with Cosmos" started suffering from the acute psychosis and was hospitalized into psychiatric clinic. This psychosis ceased next day, as soon as she escaped from the energetic influence, and only strong weakness remained. She was lucky, she didn't become an obedient slave.

Psychologists proved that a man can invent nothing, which he hadn't seen in reality. But however we have got in our imagination devils, imps, demons, witches and other "evil spirits."

Once we analyzed who worked in the sphere of extrasensorics. We were stricken by the fact that there were psychic patients, more over invalids among these pseudo healers. From the point of view of common sense how the people with morbid psychics can treat the others? The most ancient commandment reads: "Doctor, heal yourself." But the most bewilderment is caused by the credulity of people, appealing to the charlatans of such a kind (though this word is too euphonic for them).

Probably the words by A.I. Klysovsky will make them to prick up their ears: "Indeed people don't send their children to get education to a layman and know-nothing, meanwhile they are readily trust themselves to the first comer charlatan, the servant of darkness, who knows nothing from the Highest knowledge and persues his own ends.(B.V.N.E,III,105)

Professor A.Vein investigating the biocurrents of brain in the moment of hypnosis, discovered their full dissociation. And he summoned that the work of the physiotherapist must be likewise in the operating theater with the complete apprehending of responsibility for the results of the treatment. Right is the patient who in need of operation tries to get to a very experienced specialist and tries to learn more of the personality of this specialist, whom he is going to trust his body. Why then are we so credulous when we give away into alien "clutches" the most valuable, our soul.

By the influence of Astral plane we can explain the appearance of such a wide-spread disease as the abuse of alcohol. It's interesting to know that the measurement of aura in people taking alcoholic drinks in a dose higher than 50 grams, reveals steady lowering of energetic field and it fully restores only within 33-70 days. This lowering of energetic potential explains why the thinking processes and the vital values have been being changed, and the purposes of the will have been being lowering at chronic dipsomaniacs.

If a man cannot stand without alcohol 70 days it means that the centers of will are paralyzed. The man suffering from dipsomania, gives swears that he won't drink, but some days pass and he again has been in hard drinking. And in the state of intoxication he becomes aggressive, irresponsible, so again dark energies reveals themselves.

The most astonishing is that during the deep psychological testing there reveals a kind of dual nature. Why, who is this second? The Church in this case says straightly: "Demons have overcome". And what does the science say? If we suppose the presence of negative energies, then the picture, when the "entity of darkness" became the host of a man, has been quite real.

The Correspondent member of the Academy of Science F.I. Shatunov reports about negative wave function of the organism of the dipsomaniac. He write: "In them the wave emission is something about 2,3, max. 2,7. It has been just the length, which is emitted by the negative electromagnetic matrix. That is seemingly some definite wave-like entity is placed in them, and is governing them."

Where do these entities dwell and why do they attack a man? In sacred literature the world where the negative entities dwell is called the astral plane, and they attack because they themselves haven't got energy to live, this energy is given to them by "donor" - i.e. a man who turned away from evolution, from God. In such a way a man becomes "a possessed".

It appears that earlier and nowadays church heals, and sometimes quite successfully such a possession - they banish "demons" out of the possessed.

"Ask a doctor if he noticed any peculiarities in the eyes of the possessed? I don't mean only the manifestations like dim, shifting eyes; one have to notice other signs. So you may mark the symptoms in a walk, voice and even in alterations in weight." (H.,219)

By the way, if only the clairvoyants had told, what really takes place in the restaurants, bars, pubs... people would have been horrified! The visions of the astral plane are percepted by the patients having drunk to the state of "delirium tremens". So when your feast overcomes the reasonable limits, think over which guests may appear then.

If the disease hasn't gone too far and you can check it by abstention from alcohol within 70 days, then the prognosis will be more favourable, if not, then it will be more prolonged and a special approach is very often required. The success of the treatment is possible under the condition, that the patient would become an active participant of it. At the end of the treatment we don't prohibit taking alcohol, but we explain the mechanism of the introducing of the possessor, and a man chooses himself: to become the host of his consciousness, or... We also explain that during thousand days the danger of returning the possessor remains.

"If people can master new energies then for the weak spirits the danger of possessions will increase. One can approach the notion of possession from the scientific point of view. People must be warned about steadfastness of will because the obsession is of the most inadmissible state."(A.Y.,227)

Why don't we recommend "instantaneous" momentary treatment coding)?Because in the most cases the patient here doesn't fight actively, but as if put this term of fight aside; however negative energies have been depositing during this period and at last bring the result, very well known to many narcologists - an ordinary drunkard becomes a dipsomaniac. This is the finish of any therapy based on fear.

Our clinical experience shows that the patients not only deny alcohol, but also become active creative persons. And there is no contradictions here to the energetic nature of this disease, very often the persons with great energetic potential - heartfelt people, good workers suffer from this disease. And of course, if they choose the way of involution, they degrade.

From this position we can approach the narcotism. Only the process of treatment is much more complicated here, so as the loss of energopotential is about 75 per cent, and to drive out the "hairy guest" becomes rather a difficult task. Here is needed the closed stationary and specially trained personnel, because they work in the contact with very mean energies. If such a clinic had been established, a lot of serious, past recovery patients would have been returned to life. But in present conditions it is possible only with a very strong will of the patient, while it is namely will, that has been paralyzed in them.

Can we all really fall under the influence of darkness. We must honestly answer "yes". But one should understand that everything occurs within the law of karma, and if we suffer the influence of dark forces, it means that it is permitted by our thoughts, deeds and wishes, because they can manifest themselves only if we assist them. In order to penetrate to our aura they must receive our consent, in the case of children - the consent of their parents.

People ask whether the parents really can give such a consent. But nevertheless parents bring their children to different sorcerers and witches..., don't they?

As to the adults - not only the influence of dark forces is pernicious, but the fact itself that we don't struggle, and act to their dictation.

Permitting any attack of darkness the Power of Light work for our benefit on order we can derive the conclusions how to transmute ourselves, become better, purer and more spiritual. God connive at evil in order to manifest its nature.

For the past several years there appeared a lot of books, describing various magic actions, charms, invocations and alike. Helena Petrovna Blavatskaya in the III volume of "The Secret Doctrine" wrote:

"But even engrossing into such books may turn to be dangerous for that who studies without any guidance. If one approaches them without any key, and besides he doesn't fit because of his mental incapability, and as a result, being incapable to differentiate the right and the left way, then let him take our advice and leave this studying; he would only draw sorrow and grieves to himself and to his family not even suspecting where they came from..."(S.D.,III, ch.YI.The Dangers of the Practical Magic)

Why is magic so dangerous? Let us discern the energetic mechanism of magic influence. In any action of the Subtle world the main personage is the thought. The thought, being the directing energy permits to accomplish miracles or brings harm.

Having read in a book some categorical statements or some prescriptions (and very often they are provided with the examples) a man sends a thought. The effect of the thought strongly depends on the faith. This thought having accumulated the similar energies, reaches a man whom it was sent to. If this thought is good, kind, its effect would be beneficial, if it is evil, the result of such thought might be a disease in the man whom it was sent to. People know such influence, they call it damnation, overlook, calumny. Otherwise one must know that the thought sent, early or later returns and exercises that who gave birth to it, consequently in a good or a bad manner. Thus, having sent a thought, a man opens the gate to that plane of Cosmos, where his mental actions are directed. The thought according the Law of Cosmic Magnet attracts the similar thoughts and so its influence is strengthened. The thought sent with mean aim has the low vibrations of astral plane; the light thought is clear high energies. Now you see how important is to control the thoughts.

It's necessary to say that if anybody thinks over anything bad towards the pure person, towards the Forces of Light, then he inevitably receives "retribution", and it doesn't depend on the will and wish of the righteous man, such is the Law of the Retroactive Blow. The thought, having not found similar energies , in other words "the point of applying" returns back and likewise the boomerang beats that who has sent it. Imagine that somebody wants to stop a heavy locomotive. There first comes hooter, but then... Maybe such an action will be however useful in order a man would have awoke at last and thought over his life.

That who thinks of good will always get better possibilities.

"Even dogs can quarrel, so don't imitate the animals. The consciousness makes to understand the consequences of quarrel. Like black vortices the words of unreason are rising. It's dangerous to litter space. It's dangerous to draw the Retroactive Blow on yourself and your relations."(A.Y.367)

It isn't for no sake they speak in many nations: "Curses like chicken come home to roost." Isn't it the same Law which Christ speak about in His Sermon on the Mount? "Pass no judgement,and you will not be judged..."

In the Other Worlds intelligence also contends against evil, but there the evil has been unmanifested chaos; while the mankind on the Earth has got quite more complicated conditions.

Who or what is the object of attack or influence? Mainly, it is straightly a man, because it is he whom the higher energies are accessible for. But sometimes dark influence is possible through animals.

In what manner does evil influence a man? The forces of darkness, governing the low energies and matter, try to impose the wish of power, money, sensitive pleasures, i.e. they exert influence on emotions, wishes. It is somewhat difficult to them to get to our thoughts, because even the lower manas has been anyway the step to the highest knowledge. That's why they dye our thoughts with wishes. All the ancient Teachings prescribed to a man first of all to win his wishes.

What is Black Magic?

Black magic is supposedly the rules of how to use the forces of nature for satisfying man's wishes. At the beginning a man thinks that he uses this knowledge for his own benefit. But when he begins to understand that he only became the pawn in the clutches of darkness, it appears to be too late, the possessor became a full boss of a man. It is said not without reason "The bridge of Satan is strong". And then a strong will and the sufferings of many incarnations are necessary in order to become free from this slavery.

The transition from Kali Yuga (Dark epoch) to Satya Yuga (Light epoch) is characterized by the appearance of numerous pseudo-teachers, pseudo-prophets and false healers. Let's remember the Gospel when Christ's disciples asked:

"And what will be the signal for your coming and the end of the age?" Jesus replied: "Take care that no one misleads you. For many will come claiming my name and saying, "I am the Messiah"; and many will be mislead by them... See that you are not alarmed. Such things are bound to happen;... With all these things the birthpangs of the new age begin...

Many will lose their faith; they will betray one another and hate one another.

Many false prophets will arise and will mislead many; and as lawlessness spread, men's love for one another will grow cold..."(Matt.,24,4-12)

What do we have to know in order not to get into energetic dependence? First, any spiritual movement cannot be constraint, for the Law of Free Will mustn't be infringed. Second, if a healer says: "I myself only can heal", you have to think if it isn't in contradiction with the Christ's commandment not to create idol for oneself. Third, there must be observed the Law of Sacrifice . Fourth, any forced exercises for revealing the latent abilities inevitably lead to the lowest psychism. Fifth, ritualism, sectarianism, and churchianity don't however mean spirituality. Church attire and churchdom don't automatically guard against the attacks of the dark forces. Let's recollect how the darkness attacked St. Seraphim Sarovsky.

Doesn't it cautionary even today the words of Christ in His Sermon on the Mount sound:

"Beware of false prophets, men who come to you dressed up as sheep while underneath they are savage wolves. You will recognize them by the fruits they bear. Can grapes be picked from briars, or figs from thistles?...

Not everyone who calls me "Lord, Lord" will enter the kingdom of Heaven, but only those who do the will of my Heavenly Father.

When that day comes many will say to me, "Lord, Lord, did we not prophecy in your name, and in your name perform many miracles?"

Then I will tell them to their face, "I never knew you: out of my sight, you and your wicked ways!" (Matt.,7,15,21-23).

A man must know that he is an object of struggle and it depends on him to give his energies to the benefit of common evolution and of course of his own, or... One must think not less then three times before committing crime. Indeed, the last word a man himself always says. If he takes a brick and is waiting his fellow-man round the corner in order to rob him, he commits a crime, but when he puts it into the fundament of a house, he accomplishes good.

Evil may be committed not only by physical action, but also by thought and by word. H.I.Roerich writes that the thought lies in the basis of engender of new Karmic causes.

Not everybody can easily comprehend the knowledge of good and evil, about negative influence of energies. But we all were the witnesses of the so-called "White brotherhood". Let's recollect their insouciant eyes. Didn't they look like "robots". How, from which position can one explain, why they have become like these? No narrow explanations, or the attempts to qualify it as mass psychosis, suit here. The psychiatrists precisely states that these people don't manifest any signs of psychic disorder.

At the end of the last century there appeared mass passion for spiritizm, summoning of "ghosts." Where did these summonings lead? At these seances not the Spirits, of course, came, but only astral shells, occupied by various entities.

In the earthly world it is known how the alien dwelling is occupied by craw-fish anchorite. But as high, so below. Astral entity occupies the left shell in order to nourish itself with energy at the seance. And this is the danger of spiritizm . Sometimes various phenomena are described like those where the tables and chairs are turned over and people can even contemplate "the rebelled ghost".

In the time of Armageddon spiritizm is particularly dangerous.

This "coming" of entities is accompanied by fear which destroys man's protective net. As a result the possessor penetrates into the aura of people summoning, and taking into consideration its divisibility, and that such seances attracts a lot of other astral representatives, the probability of possession equals approximately 100 per cent,

The darkness don't want to give up, so using the modern informational technologies they demonstrate on TV summoning of "Spirit of Lenin". And they make the precise computation: the performance goes in a repast day when a great disbalance of energies is observed, and hence we all become the participants of an enormous spiritual seance.

Under the lowest psychism we understand the constrained disclosing of one of the chakras. "The disclosing of the Third Eye", "How to govern people with the help of energies", "Do you wish to become rich?"- such titles periodically appear in the newspapers, magazines, advertisement. In the base of these techniques lies constrained disclosing of one center at the expense of energy of the others. In this process the protective net becomes weaker, and a man gets into clusters of the possessor. We must remember that in our time disclosing of the centers is the natural process of spiritual work, where any special measures are needless.

Separately we must say about the "technique of visualization"; they recommend to imagine two or three times a day how in your own flat you fill the briefcase with money! And within definite time if you desire it vehemenly, you will have this money or the possibility to earn them. What is the secret sense of this ritual? In exchange on his high energies a man asks for material prosperity, that is, it's a variant of a selling one' soul.

Thorough knowledge of the Cosmic Laws and Faith will help you to safeguard against the pernicious influence of darkness. If in past incarnations one committed evil actions or permitted evil thoughts, or he used black magic, then in following incarnations he will have karmic diseases. When in his actions, thoughts and wishes a man committed the infringing of Harmony in surroundings, then earlier or later this information as if manifests and a man begins to fall ill. So the hereditary and mental derangements, so as serious almost incurable diseases one can explain only from the position of Karma. And that's why they demand from a man a great effort and much work for the benefit of others in order to change his life.

"The karmic conditions themselves are bending under the hammer of will. The same thought will be the best fire custodian. The thought is unsinged! A man filled with thought-belief even on the Earth lose in weight. The same thought raises to the Upper Worlds. (F.W.,I,340)

"The so-called repentance is mighty energy, but better call this state as full discernment. First of all a man must know where and why he must find new achievement. It should be persisted on full discernment, for only the mostly sharpened will may give the turn-point of the way." (S.M.,260)

Won't the white magic be not so harmful? And how to distinguish white magic and black one?

H. Pisareva writes that they differ only in the purpose of doing. In black magic there is always personal wish, personal profit.

Why don't we however recommend to go in for white magic? First, the secret sense of magic is lost, and what is described in books has been only the outer form of ritual. The secret sense of actions usually was passed only to the disciple, who cleared himself from influence of mean thoughts, who was capable to think on the level of spiritual consciousness, i.e. to that who achieved "enlightenment". Otherwise there always exists dangerous to do harm to those surrounded.

And if we want to help a man, to our near ones when they are ill, then the simplest, the most effective way is to send them mentally our love. Love is the most High energy in Cosmos and in its vibrations it is the mightiest. Send it with the sufficient Diligence and Faith and the result won't fail to manifest itself.

Having pondering over the evolutionary way we observe interesting conformity: in the whole of mankind's history the achievement of a spiritual perfectness passed necessarily through the overcoming the obstacles. Let's recall the heroes of the folk tales: that one reached the happiness who didn't stop at the rock on which there were written - "If you go on the left, you'll loose your horse; on the right - you'll loose everything; straightly - you yourself will perish." What was he? He was people's hero who didn't fear anything.

"Don't be embarrassed by anything and by anybody. As it is said "the danger is the salvation for much". In connection with some events one may say - the more dangerous, the better. Danger will help to get rid of many abnormalities."(Letters,23.10.36)

So being aware that any difficulty is a step to light, and understanding that all the trials are given to a man according his forces, we will always construct the better future.

When we learn about the energy of our thoughts and consciousness, earlier or later there appears the aspiration to the highest.

What does assist this aspiration? Pythagoreans for example constantly read verses. In Buddhism it is meditation, in the society of Krishna - reading of mantras, in Christianity - heart prayer. Agny Yoga says about the precipitation of psychic energy. In all cases when a man thinks of a Higher, when he has become permeated by the compassion to the whole world, he receives clear energies and goes to Light, Knowledge and Evolution.

The rituals of the many spiritual societies are based on the effect of the energy of thought: they begin and finish their meetings with pronouncing mentally the phrase "Let the World to have every hapiness".

"Not Magic, but God-Inspiredness was percepted in the antique Commandments. When the Highest Communion became to be interrupted then people themselves created magic as the method of constrained communion. But like all the constrained, magic goes rolling to the most dark manifestations. The boundary itself appears to be imperceptible in its complexity. That's why on the way to Future it would be better to put away any magic."(F.W.II,249)

"You esteem St. Sergius, but did He ever admit magic? He never even employ inner concentration, nevertheless He did have flaming visions. Only work as an exhalation of the heart, He did admitted. In this He outdistanced many spiritual wayfarers. We speak about the heart, but precisely He found the strength of this source. Even the terrors were allayed by Him not through the conjuration, but by the prayer of the heart" (F.W.,II,116).


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