Thoughts aloud

  1. Self-sacrifice, Love and Compassion to the nears have been in harmony of frequency with cosmic energy. The more people accomplish good, the more probability of clearing the planet. Each man has the so-called "Divine spark", i.e. each has the connection with Cosmic intelligence. God won't save if you yourself don't make a step forward, and don't realize that you must do it.
  2. Agni Yoga is the last Covenant for now. Living Ethics is the Teaching of moral: what's good, what's bad, what's right, what's wrong. Till the system built on an old base of interrelations exists, we won't stop stumbling. Only new interrelations where labour is voluntary, and the rhythms of the labour are laid down by the workers themselves have their future.
  3. The service to the cause of Light demands immense self-denial. The task to remain the creative person, and to percept precisely the Teacher's thread has been rather difficult for many. It's necessary to control one's thoughts constantly. Many don't simply feel pain in Teacher's heart. One must control any action by the principle: "Is it for the cause of Light or not?" To demand from those who is striving for only according to their abilities.
  4. The control of each step. Never come back, only forward!
  5. The consciousness is the lighthouse of the soul. It elucidates the man's way. (For that who sees Light).
  6. A man must have a right to adhere freely to any ideology, any philosophy, any point of view which has not been constraint towards other people. This is one of the principles of high spirituality. Today if we see it in a man we may say - he is cultured spiritual person. And uniting energy has been the energy of cosmic Love.
  7. At the end of each day every action must be evaluated from the position "What is done for supporting of vitality of the Teaching." Even in his everyday work one must strive for Future, difficulties mustn't stop. What shall we deny? We shall deny wasting time. The transference of sacred knowledge needs caution. Silence must be realized. Time of silence is time of striving towards spirit. Did the saint ascetics get fatigued? Aspiration and labour can transmutate not only spiritual but also physical nature of a man.
  8. The evil exists out of consciousness, but not exerting influence upon it, the evil cannot manifest itself on the physical plane. Hence, one has to prove the existence of negative force which exerts influence on man's consciousness.
  9. One can pass the trials only by maintaining Belief likewise the saving lighthouse. One may keep lighthouses in his consciousness: Hierarchy, Teachers, aspiration to the Common Good. Why do ascetics stint themselves in the access of outer information? The influence is exerted, first of all on consciousness. The spirit is inaccessible for darkness. The lattser tries to close Spirit by transposition of consciousness into illusory world. Constant striving (a prayer) and a creative labour permeate the spirit with high energies and don't permit to bind and to enslave it. Remember: the will governs karma.
  10. When you are beset by hesitations recall the Light Image of the Teacher and say "Help me, Teacher." The very important epoch has been on the Earth. The Teachers have been close to us as never before. Remember, it's very important to cherish the silver thread of communion with Teachers. Measure your every day with the way of evolution, with the way of Great Benefit. If a man goes, he is helped, if not - he is being left by himself. All the time - on Patrol! The Highest teachers will come to our Earth when the energetics of our planet improves.
  11. One can come to us only consciously. Any form is only needed for a definite purpose.
  12. The resistance of consciousness often means the time of transpassing one form of our life into the other, and it is only the condition for solving definite problem. The higher a man rises the more vibrationaly perfect his form becomes. Tying up to definite level of knowledge you put obstacles to yourself. You must precisely apprehend that today's knowledge is the step to tomorrow's.
          One have to live aspiring to the Highest, the form will be added.
          The process of evolution of the Spirit, and perfectment of the form is endless, but woe to that who stopped. He resembles the passenger who fell behind the train. It's almost impossible to make up for the lost time. More often he falls behind for ever.
          Only everyday work with the thorough analyses may lead a man to the Gates of Light.
  13. It's important to give the habit to everybody who started going by this way. It's necessary for them to become free people, to become what they want; to become truly free for realizing and understanding the following stages of their life. Only treachery closes the way of evolution (mental, or any other). To define the aim of further movement is an individual work. The thirst for fame, knowledge, wisdom, happiness may also be the steps.
  14. To be on patrol. To evaluate each deed of a man objectively: does a man carry good or evil? If he carries evil it doesn't mean that he must be rejected, You must discern good in his heart.
          Only good actions may elucidate the way to people. One must propagate among those gone astray; not a single man must be rejected. In the most fallen man see the God and His manifestation. Every man must be accepted by heart. Only that, insincere should be refused.
  15. A man, having passed one step sooner, shouldn't rejoice inwardly or outwardly , because if it is really a step of evolution, his heart will broaden and begin to contain pain and compassion , especially to those who went side-by-side, but didn't manage to overcome this barrier. His task is to explain and to show the evolutionness of the way to Light, and to do it up to the moment when there is the slightest possibility. If the Savior was able to forgive Jude and a robber, so we also must follow His example. The repentance, i.e. realizing, may change the way, after that any man can speed up his movement on the way to evolution.
  16. The Earth came in a new rhythm of Cosmic Evolution, Arktur gives part of its energies.
  17. Remember, money, material values can stop. And there is the necessity of the temperance in food, for the ray extinguishes.
  18. Building of the circles of approaching to the Teaching is absolutely necessary. This building is characteristic of the evolutionary chain for building of Hierarchy (as high, so below).
          Time is very formidable now. That's why one must indefatigably explain.
  19. It's necessary to forget about private in any manifestation. One must plan his day and sum up the results, to minimize the working hour's loss. One must distinguish the directions of the work and control their fulfillment.
  20. The Building of Hierarchy is based on belief and honoring all Higher Hierarchs. What is the difference between the Light and the darkness? The Light always acts on voluntary bases, such is the Law of Free Will.
          Now the main task has been the restoration of the Hierarchy Chain in Russ. The darkness furiously resists. But the Light is already nearer. The restoration will lay down the energetic potential and the consciousness of people will begin to awake. There is the necessity of work , enormous work of laying high spiritual qualities into people's consciousness. Each awakened consciousness gives the additional source of light.
          To wake up and utterly to aim to the independent work. The rhythm of labour is of the main importance.
  21. Characterizing the current moment one can say that the darkness is densed very much. The problem is to retain the consciousness at one's own vision and not to fall into abyss of illusive war with ghosts. To retain the consciousness on the fulfillment of the tasks of the Light. The problem of the dark forces is sometimes only to involve into struggle, to bring down the general energetic potential. It's very important to keep away from this war, and to wage the war, destroying the very factor of its influence, i.e. to look at it as at the inevitable attribute of the spiritual growth.
  22. The Teacher said to their disciples: " From the moment you begin to work new energies will begin to find way to your body. If you work in rhythm, you'll certainly master a meditation. Each new step in realizing of oneself and of the surrounded world will begin to bring joy, and you'll come to the first step of the ladder, on which a man gradually becomes a cosmic creature, joyfully building the world in which he lives..."
  23. The trials must manifest in a man the qualities which he hasn't overcome yet, and which don't allow him to make another step.
          These obstacles are caused by supercharging of energies. Supercharge causes the maximum of qualities, which must be transmutated. This is the attachment to the earthly. Everything that can prevent from transpassing to the Light, must be put aside.
  24. The main task today is to retain the consciousness calm in any situation. One must understand that the battle is waged not with concrete people, but with the manifestations of the Subtle World, with astral darkness. The darkness spare nobody in order to stop, to make turning away. And again, but more strictly the question sounds: "Do you believe into the Teaching? And if you believe why do you allow the outside thoughts into your consciousness.
          It's difficult but necessary to work out the habit to think each hour, each second with the Lord, and not to allow any vibration of astral body. It's very hard to be calm, but not indifferent, to compassionate by the heart, but not by astral body. One can love and may love by heart, understanding that the way to the Light is very much difficult, but it is also beautiful.
          And many traps have been put on the road of those going ahead. But one must pass through. The time will come, everything will come round on its places. "I'm going by way of Light! Thank you, my Lord!" Everything will calm only if you can keep aloof entirely.
          The possessor goes away if it cannot fulfill the task. But he comes according to Karma. And until a man himself has gone through his own karma, somebody can help him only for a short period.
  25. Superimportant work has been not only to retain the consciousness, but in spite of all carry out the deeds of the Light. It's important in the process of evolution of one's own cognition. The realizing of the Lord Who is always beside has been a blessed aim. All the mayas should be discerned.
  26. Terrible hummocks are built by the darkness on the way. The heart of the Teacher, the heart of the Lord, like guiding star is shining always, even when there are clouds on the sky. The disciple must sense the silver thread of the Teacher.
  27. The difficulty of the realizing of the higher aspects of a man often rests upon the consciousness which puts obstacles to the spiritual growth.
          You won't go ahead until you realize that a man is a cosmic creature, and energetically you have been connected with each other and with all Universe.
          Time puts a new task before a man to pass to a new evolutionary step. But in order to ascend to it one must understand a lot of things, to realize that the Great Laws operate in Cosmos.
          We have to perfect the interrelations in a collective. Categoricalness causes the vibration of astral body. One must learn not to cause astral vibrations in the others, for this you must keep the calmness constantly. Each time tirelessly repeat to yourself: " Thy will be done, Lord!" The task is not to depend on the outer circumstances.
  28. The repletion with new quality psychic energy occurs due to its expenditure for the cause of Light. Then the stepped ascending of the level of energies is observed. In creation of many forms the magnet must be laid.
  29. You yourself often attract sufferings into your soul, having forgotten that thoughts and wishes are first of all the energies. And if this energy will acquire enough strength it will unite with the object of this thought.
          The question of overcoming the fear is the key question of treatment of many diseases. When the patient has fallen ill his consciousness sounds an alarm, creating low energies. So in the state of fear the process of treatment is hampered, because fear has been the devourer of psychic energy.
          Considering the question of cognizing oneself from energetic point of view the main task on the first stage will be harmonization of physical, mental and astral bodies for penetrating higher energies into soul and body. The result of such a work is gaining of physical and spiritual health, and possibility to live in harmony with his own self and surrounding world. At the second stage harmony is attained with higher cosmic energies, and then the way is defined as achievement of harmony with one's evolutionary task. Outwardly it is characterized by overcoming of trials and difficulties. The highest step in advancement to the goal will be when the movement itself doesn't influence man. From this moment a man becomes a part of Cosmos, he knows Laws and helps the Earth in evolutionary transformations. At this stage there comes the understanding from those surrounded, though not everybody can understand all the internal processes leading to the spiritual advancement. At this stage the choice between earthly and heavenly takes place every second. So it's important in this period not to bind yourself to earthly question neither by thoughts, nor by wishes.
          The words by Jesus Christ from the Sermon on the Mount acquires new sense: "Set your mind on God's kingdom and his justice before everything else, and all the rest will come to you as well".
  30. Important is the realizing of dark forces which fall their energy down not only on that striving for, but also on his surrounding friends and relations. At this moment darkness search for any opportunity to put an obstacle to the evolution of a man. But the transition in a spiritual consciousness close the opportunity to influence a man. At this time for the correct understanding of the internal processes, the disciple must have the most opportunity to be left to his own resources, or at least part time to meditate about the Highest. "Necessary is persistently and clearly think towards combining the worlds" (F.W.III,593).
  31. In contrast to ministers of religions Agni Yog must be tolerable towards all the people.
  32. New vision notions become the very problem for everybody. It's difficult to move away our decrepit thinking from the fear of death. One have to realize that there is no death, we won't die, we will only transform.
          "Difficulty lies in that from one side one cannot tear off himself from the Earth, and from the other side - from the Heaven, that is from the Highest." (The Facets of Agni Yoga, Sept.,10)
          The sense of life acquires just another outline when the predestined way into Infinity along the steps of evolution becomes to be apprehended. And Agni Yoga, like all the other Teachings, purified from decrepit sediments will acquire new sense. Thus the period of transition from Kali Yuga to Satya Yuga will pass by, and many will understand that only service to Light opens the Far-off-Worlds.


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