The History of Creating a Unique Method of Treatment

The history of creating a unique method of treatment began in 1976 when Semenichin Evgeniy Evgenyevich opened the first department of neuroses and frontier states on the territory of Dnipropetrovsk region, three years after graduating from institute. At the department the most modern methods of treatment based on psychotherapy were used.

Understanding a great influence of a doctor's word on a patient, in 1981 he took the preposition to become a chief doctor of Dnipropetrovsk municipal psychoneurological despensary to build a unique building for the treatment of patients with unique methods. Although the building was built mainly with the help of stuff of the despensary according to an additional plan, in 1986 this building was confiscated according to the direction of the first secretary of the regional committee of the Party. From 1987 to 89 a net of day hospitals that had no analogues neither in former USSR nor in other countries was created in Dnipropetrovsk.

In 1991, learning Study of Living Ethics, Medical Academy of Spiritual Development MADRA was created with the help of people of like-mind. In 1993 State Center of Psychotherapy, Prophylaxis, Eastern and Popular Medicine was created with the help of V.G.Shirinkin, the chief of municipal department of health services. In June 1998 his staff with him had to release because of incompetence of municipal authorities.

During the whole period of the existance of the medical Center about 7 thousand of patients undergone a treatment.

In October 1998 they got a licence for a private hospital of psychotherapy and eastern medicine "Urusvati".

Why is the hospital situated outside the city? It is necessary to understand that only outside the city it is possible to develop the necessary potencial of a psychical energy for the right treatment of patients.

"A New World (if it appears) will show love to values of Nature, they will give him the best emulsion of the essence of life. It will be necessary to go from cities to the nature..." (..,I,321).

Methodical bases of treatment are described in the book "Meditation - the way to health, happiness and harmony", are being printed in the anthology "Arktur" and are stated in the article "Autogenetic Meditational Psychotherapy (P)".

Recalls of patients who underwent a treatment.

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