Recalls of patients who underwent a treatment:

"It seems to me that a new life has begun, there is a new perception of life, as if wings have erupted" (Helen S., 27).

"In my soul I have begun to feel warmth to the environment, I find patiently exits to decisions of many tasks" (Leonid T., 36).

"I haven't enough knowledge yet but a wish to learn and to conquer myself, to reach an aim with a labour has appeared in myself" (Nina Nikolayevna, 58).

"Before the treatment I was suffering from the decline of forses, fears of myself and my family. There was such a melancholy in my soul that I was crying permanently. A blood pressure was high. After the treatment I saw the light. Now I am looking at things in a philosophical way, trying to analyse everything. My blood pressure became stable. Thank you a lot. It is nice that there is such a center. I have got peace" (R. K., 72).

"I would like to say about the usefulness of treatment. I have felt the cheerfulness of my soul. My legs have become better, my head is not aching at all" (E.S., 66).

"I have learnt so many interesting things. But the most important is that my general state as well as my mood has become better. My blood pressure has fallen, I avoid pills, there are no aches in the area of heart and stomach, my liver has stopped to ache. Sleeping has become better"(T.P., 68).

"Head aching has disappeared, sleeping has normalised, I have become more active, relations with members of the family have become better" (Andrew Z., 13).

"Calmness, faith appeared, I understood causes of my illnesses, as the result anxiety disappeared, the perception of the environtment changed, lumbago disappeared"(V.A., 35).

"I had a full depression, disbalance of the organism, a lot of illnesses, troubles with stomach, head aches, allergy. Generally everything normalized, forces to live, fight, to give something to children appeared. Mood is beautiful, there are forces" (G.N., 57, Kerch).

"My relations with children became better. I began to react on unpleasant people in a different way. I became steady and believed in myself" (S.V., 30).

"I have come with my problems (heart, high blood pressure) but am leaving as another person. Some lightness has appeared, it seems to me that I am shining from inside" (L.V., 55, Kirovograd).

"If I have to be laconic, I have found myself. About 10 years ago I lost myself, didn't resist temptations of life. At last all husks fell down, uncertanties disappeared and my integrity returned" (L.S., 37).

"From the age of three my daughter has treated of nephropathy for many times but without a result. After the treatment the function of kidneys and tests of urine normalized, appetite became better, the girl became to smile" (Nastya Ch., 6).

"After the treatment in the clinic a great head ache and nervousness disappeared. I understood that I needed lessons of relaxation and meditation a lot. At first it was difficult but then any theme was a holiday for my soul" (.S., 49).

"I was suffering from a hard neurodermitis, all the palms were covered with ulcers and cracks, I even couldn't hold neither a pen nor a spoon. After the treatment my skin and palms have cleaned generally. It is such a pleasure to take a besom and help my mother!"(Liliana P., 12).

"Specially I would like to say about lessons on meditation and lectures. Of course, it was unknown at all for me. Now I shall bear all the difficulties of my subsequent life, understanding that energy cures us and that it is necessary to preserve it" (Z..).

"My health became better: blood pressure fell from 180/100 to 140/75, arryhythmia stopped to trouble me, heart stopped to ache" (.V.).

"Thank you for teaching me how to smile, think, love!" (V.L., 49).

"I got a lot of pleasure for my soul and heart, learned how to relax" (.V., 50).

"First of all I changed from inside, the treatment made me revise many things. I am used to running all the time but I have thought over my way of life and my health at the moment. I feel relaxed, my sight became better, my heart doesn't trouble me. Meditation and relaxation will help to facilitate study and work on computers, warn illnesses and find its destination" (I.., 19, Kirov).

"Physically I felt myself lightly. Now I have forses and knowledge, I know what to do later"(P.N., 49).

"I came with a very hard head ache that troubled me almost every day, joints were aching, I was nervous, everything and everybody disturbed me. After the treatment aches have disappeared, feeling is beautiful. I want to do something good and not only for myself but also for other people, all these changes happened in a week, that's unbelievable" (F.L., 53).

"What did the treatment give to me? A surprising feeling that you can do everything. There is no fear. Just a confidence. In general I want to live, everything has become so interesting" (D.L.., 58).

"A normal blood pressure, physical state renewed" (N.E.I., 71).

"I understood that love is the basis of life and that I have to work a lot with myself" (G.S., 28).

"Thank you for showing me and my children that the world is beautiful" (.V., 36).

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