For those longing for to learn
the Truth, to win and to heal

"It is correct not to drive the illness in - this truth is familiar for the doctor of a body, but the doctor of a spirit must also know it. Like closed rotting strikes the whole body so that what is still persisting in spirit doesn't permit the consciousness to grow. It isn't wise to say "Root out abomination of yours, but it's much better to say "Let the blessing fill your be-ness!" "Let the Morning substitute the night" (A.Y.,482)

New medicine of the Epoch of Fire. Epoch of Heart is knocking at the door, it states that there is no incurable illnesses. We are ready to prove it in the condition, when you become an active champion of your own health.

What to do in order not only to win the illness, but to become happy, to guide one's own destiny, to live such a life that every day would bring gay?

The ancients said that one must cognize himself and open the door of knowledge which can change his life. The books of Living Ethics are the life-giving source, they are the opportunities of evolutionary changes for everybody who strives to touch the new world.

The book presented, generalizes the experience of a collective work of the collaborators of the Medical Academy of a Spiritual Development "MADRA". These are not only knowledges, this is not only private secrete practice, experienced by everybody, but also the experience of treatment of hundreds of patients, who has got healing within the walls of our clinic. We completely believe in all what has been written in it and we consider that the way to the Truth, presented in the Living Ethics may be sometimes not the easiest and not the shortest but in any way it is the most necessary.

Mankind didn't notice how it came to the evolutionary changing of the world and of the man himself. And though many people still continue to stay within the frames of unawaked consciousness, some people appear who begin to understand that some definite processes (though they are still difficult-to-explain) have been taking place. You needn't be a psychologist so as to notice a very rapid changing of our concepts for the latest several years.3

Having become conscious of the fact, that transformations are thundering, we shall request ourselves: where is the torch that can enlighten a new path? And then everybody is sure to meet the Teaching, given through Helena Ivanovna Roerich in the Living Ethics or Agny Yoga. We can only distinguish the path to a new world if we approach to the new knowledge not as to the dogmatic religious reference book, but as to the science showing the way of cognizing Good and evil, the Laws of evolution.

Doesn't it mean that all the previous Teachings - Christ's, Buddha's and many other world Luminaries' were wrong? "Never,- Agni Yoga says,- the Truth is the same, but combinations are others, in accordance with the consciousness" (H.,5), but "The Teacher highly appreciates the wish to wash the dust down from the Great Images" (Com.,31).

But how will an ordinary individual find this way to the Truth, Happiness, Health, Harmony and Freedom?

Is it sufficient simply to read Teaching, the heritage of Roerich's family and H.P.Blavatskaya, A.I.Klysovskoy and other books which we usually recommend? Yes, a man can achieve much in this way, but it is not enough to build up a new vision, to develop the ways of transition into more perfect energetic state.

The way to the new knowledge is in exposure of the heart, expanding of the consciousness and, what is the main, in the labour for the Benefit of All.

"Friends! Put four stones into the basis of your deeds. The First will be the Reverence of Hierarchy. The Second will be the Acknowledgment of Unity. The third will be the Acknowledgment of Commensurability. The Fourth will be the Applying of the canon "By the Lord of Yours". For the stating of the first recall all your Love. Recollect the best smiles of your childhood, the brightest sunrays and the first song of the birds behind the window. For the second - envelope yourself in the arms of a day, take out the armours of your actions and fresh your perception with the sip of a sober water. For the third - choose the highest and the plumb line in your study and name it "The size of a Plan". Set mentally all your resentments, irritations and fatigues to the measure of the World's Plan and, comparing, you won't find the smallest place for your shadow humor. For the fourth - imagine all the infinity of the starry world". (L.M.G.,186)

Mankind has passed many roads. There was time of mythological perception of the world, and then the religion was the fire which enlightened the way. At present the science becomes the torch of the evolution. And this is not the science of the very materialism, shutting the physical plane off the other energetic cosmic planes, but the science bringing together the whole Infinity of Space.

The advanced ideas of our genius compatriots V.I.Vernadsky and K.E.Tsyolkovsky have become a reality and our contemporary physicists speak now about the theory of a unified field, about new conditions of matter in the state of new energies following by those studied before.

And this is really the main achievement, because new understanding of the world has been already accepted into the consciousness, and in spite of the fact that they are so few now, it will be they, who will carry the torch of the liberation of a man.

The Living Ethics appeals to the doctors more then 700 times. We believe that the books of the Teaching of Life will become the books not only for doctors and teachers, but also for all striving for cognizing the Truth and changing the World.

"One may knock to a doctor only asking to pay attention. Get angry, but look who is knocking. In ten year period the blows of Destiny will make to read the Book of Life." (H.,201)


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