Chapter 1

Why are we ailing?

"The illness may long have its seat deeply in a man, but if it doesn't display itself in a roughly physical way, none of the earthly doctors will recognize it." (H.,192)

Do you want to know the gay of life? Do you know that it doesn't depend on circumstances? And may not the illness be a trial, which you have to overcome?

The knowledge, brought in this book will give you the opportunity to become healthy physically and spiritually, to find the way to happiness and harmony, to discover in yourself the wellspring which will transmute you - really a man came to the Earth to become happy. You can independently orientate in a new science - psychobioenergetics, and in the system of selfperfection, you may treat or at least alleviate your sufferings, you may become the healer for yourself and your children.

Modern medicine proceed to leg behind the evolution of mankind. Many doctors, acting regardless of their own time and health, exert supreme efforts in the struggle against the patients' diseases. This endless battle sometimes leads to the high level of the very doctor's diseases, and to lowering of their own estimation of life.

Usually we begin only to think over life by our relatives' death-bed, or when the disease or difficulties put the questions before us to which at times nobody can answer yet.

Where are the reasons which having influenced us, cause diseases?

Bearing in mind that the problem is in the sphere of material, we learn with astonishment, that according to the data of World Health Organization the health of the doctors abroad doesn't' substantially differ from that in our country.

It's verily proved today that medicine only affects the health of 7-10 percent population. And in any country, even in the most advanced one, there are the problems, not depending on the material wealth - this is the level of suicides, psychic ailing, depressions and alike.

Can the answer be not in the material understanding of the world, but in the area of energetic exchange? And what we call the spirit and the soul are only unrecognized energies? Probably the time is rather close to us when the new aspect in the activities of the doctors who work not only in the sphere of physical but also psychic health, will arise

Looking deeply into the history of medicine we learn a particular fact that the priests of Egypt were the healers of a body, and, what is more important, of the human soul. And in the traditions of the orthodoxal church we see the same approach to the healing of soul: these are spiritual talks on saving, i.e. healing of the human soul, banishment of demons.

At the beginning of our medical activity we were constantly astonished at the results of one of the psychiatrists, we worked with at that time. This doctor could find common language with all his patients.He used to talk to them hours by hours, and as a rule, the results of his treatment excelled his colleagues' results. But the most wondering was his prescribing drugs by the doses 10-15 times lesser then those recommended by nstructions. At that time it was really miracle for us. We couldn't explain that phenomena, we only could say "This doctor is from God".

Later on, working at the department of neuroses, we observed not only fine and wonderful cases of recovery, but simply incredible healing of organic diseases. Our science explained it only by removing of inhibition, surrounded the pathological nidus, from the cortex.

Is it really so? At that time fate brought us together with one of the best-known psychotherapist I.A.Zhukov who got excellent results treating mainly organic diseases. He had a museum in his clinic where the patients, having been cured, left their crutches, invalid carriages. In the lobby interview at the First all-union conference on psychotherapy his answer to the question "How can one explain the phenomenal results of your work?" sounded as follows: "The time will come and you will learn".

And this time has come at last, we can look at the phenomena of healing from the point of new vision. At last one can find an explanation how thoughts and words change the structure of the cell and organ. Making prognosis in medicine one can surely say that many dangerous diseases will be treated and epidemics will be staved off.

Since 1985 the literature on philosophy and medicine of the East has appeared. The books of our great compatriots H.P.Blavatskaya, H.I. and N.K.Roerich have become available to us. It is necessary to admit from the very beginning that this heritage hasn't still received the appropriate evaluation. Many try to introduce the Teaching of Living Ethics as not a science, but as a religious dogmatic doctrine. Is it so? Having become to study Living Ethics I have amazingly discovered that there were in it a lot of explanations of the facts over which each doctor thinks.

Here is one example. Physiotherapist knows well how the treating seances take a lot of energy . We are reading in Agny Yoga: "The concepts of will must be strictly realized and differentiated. The will of brain became the bulwark of the West while the East remained in the stronghold of the heart. At a suggestion the hypnotizer of the West applies his will straining the centers of extremities and eyes, but this emanation not only is soon exhausted but it also brings the fatigue, and what is the main, it has an effect within rather a short distance. At the will sendings the spatial achievement is impossible. But the heart of the East doesn't need the straining of the extremities, doesn't supercharge energy without necessity, but sends its thoughts without any restrictions of place. The heart suggestion as a very natural channel of intercourse isn't harmful neither for hypnotizer nor for the recipient. The Western method has always been noticeable outward, but the Eastern doing has nothing from without. On the contrary the hypnotizer doesn't look at the recipient so as he in his heart has the image of purpose. There are many indubitable advantages of the heart doing, but one must first realize the significance of a heart." (H.,74)

The Living Ethics states that a man is a cosmic creature, he lives within the interrelation with the surroundings, with all the Universe.

In the very details in this book is said about the method applied - Authogenic Meditative Psychotherapy (Supersensoric meditation) which permits of an anybody's starting the most interesting processes of cognition his inner self and defeating himself and his own diseases. Speaking at the lectures and studies about sacred knowledge we came across the paradoxical phenomenon when most of our patients accept it rather easily and tell us about their sensations as those having appeared in their consciousness earlier; they say: "We knew it before". In the same easy way most of them assimilate the first step of meditation - the concentration - within seances. The results achieved are of such level which can be shown today neither by modern medicine, nor by any kind of a traditional psychotherapy.

What is the explanation of such a position?

We consider that the main bulk of knowledge has been introduced already into our internal energetic structure and they, so to say, are being awaked now.

In vedic books we read that a man has lost the tie with his Lord - his Spirit which is the integral part of a world's Soul. For example let us imagine the cart in which the master is going; the direction of movement may be known to a coachmen, but, as a rule, he doesn't know the purpose of the journey, and more over the horse doesn't know either the purpose or the route of the journey. So you may vividly conceive that the master in a carriage is our spirit, a coachman is our soul, and the horse is our body.

If we listen to our horse which always wants to eat grass, to sleep and alike, we will sooner or later appear in a ditch. If we trust ourselves to our coachman we may stay at the same place very long, until the coachman minds his own business. And only having appealed to our Spirit, having subdued everything to the fulfilling of the problem stated, and having found Harmony between all the members of the crew, we may achieve the desirable goal. Fulfilling all this, a man can get rid of illnesses, and then take a road of an evolutionary ascending. And Agny Yoga is the sun which enlightens the path for a man and for the whole of mankind.

Nevertheless to start with, one has to become an active participant in the struggle for his health. Yes, the way to one's health lies in an infinite struggle against himself.

Are we ready anyhow for such a struggle? All people perfectly know about harmfulness of smoking, many tried to get rid of this habit more then once, but... How many times all our life through we began to do gymnastics and to follow one of the diets. Well then, the score of all these observations is not now to our credit.

And here we approach probably the most interesting: can the process of struggle against oneself become not fatigue, but a joyful one instead? For this purpose we must get to our spirit - our Highest Ego. The Spirit possesses very high energies which not only can cure, but, what is the main, can reveal the eternal inner essence of a man. That's why the indefatigable desire to work, to paint, to write verses, to rejoice at life appears in our patients after the treatment.

The time has come when sacred mysteries will become evident.

"Comparing the phases of the ascending of consciousness to the scientific approaches we, nonetheless, don't want to wither the beautiful wells, on the contrary, we want to create durable sources of energy. The science must enhance the ways of the Highest realizing. The time has come when the ancient symbols of knowledge must be transformed into scientific formulas."(Br.,425)

Observing Cosmic Laws, having realized the features adherent to our Spirit and having developed them, we even in our difficult time may become gay, merry and healthy. But how can one find this Gold Key to a New World - the World of Happiness, Gladness and Health? We hope to help you, though everybody on the Earth has his own key.

"Refining of the Spirit is the key to the Gate of the Fiery World." (F.W.,III,307)


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