Chapter 7

The Meditation.

"I think that it is worth while recalling of a heart rush. The ancient anchorites suggested that in appealing mentally to the Highest one should imagine before himself a kind of a straight infinite road alongside which the thought should have to rush. There are a lot of images which help to concentrate upon oneself…

Uprightness and simplicity will be the most successful bridges." (AUM,588)

The desire to become more perfect physically and spiritually always agitated a man. Many sages, heales and philosophers worked to create new medicines, elixir of life, systems of selfperfecting. Many systems have died after the physical death of their creators, the others having been perfected by absorbing the experience of many generations, came to us as numerous various shools of gymnastics, massage, combats, wrestling and those of psychotraining and meditation. What namely had allowed them to occupy such a place in human's life for centuries? All these long-living systems have one in common, which is defined as the presence of some regulating power within our internal self, as well as within the intercourse of our organism and surroundings . But in order to change himself one must get to know himself, so the second name of our method is "Learn yourself, and heal yourself!"

With time passing many people, being in search of conceiled knowledge experienced ascetism, they fasted , meditated, followed many-day, and many-hour rituals, and still were far from perfection. Why didn't they achieve their charted aim?

Let's try to consider one of the spiritual methods of progression. For meditation the time has come to remove husk with which it has become covered here at home, and in the Western countries either. The common mistake, repeated here and then, has been the search for "perfect" meditation techniques, blind copying of different systems, or looking for some "Gurus" who themselves understand little in meditation, because they haven't taken meditation as a mode of life, as a new concept of the world and reestimation of values.

First, we must understand meditation not as the method of certain work, but primarily as the mode of life. It is not simply a method of the concentration of our consciousness, not a blind technique, as a result of which a man achieves a lucid moment, bliss, nirvana and alike; but meditation is the way, giving a man the possibility to disclose his heart, to open the way towards Spirit for psychic energy.

To understand meditation is impossible, if we wouldn't bear in mind such notions as "carnal, soul, and spirit", their existence being mentioned by Apostle Paul in his First Letter to Thessalonians (ch.5, 23)

Most of our troubles are due to the links with the Spirit, i.e. with Higher Energy. Meditation is the possibility to get through one's own Spirit which is the place of combining high energies, the place of the bond with Upper World, the way to the True Knowledge and Light. Meditation is the reveiling of one's true "Ego". Having restored the energetic relationship we will avoid physical diseases. Really it is not for nothing said in Living Ethics:"Psychic energy penetrates all tissues producing balance in organism…So that all the growth, up to cancer, may be considered as psychic energy's flowing away…Spiritual equilibrium may help to eradicate many diseases." (F.W.III, 416)

If we experience a meditation as a technique, it has been transformed then into "intellectual somersaults", and , what is the worst, into the channel of relations with the low mean energies of astral level.

It's quite time for meditation to be accepted scientifically, to get rid of different dogmatic features accepted later, meditation must take deserved place among some systems which allow a man to understand his inner self and surroundings.

Approaching a meditation from the scientific position we must bear in mind that we use our consciousness for energetic harmonisation of our constituents. To overcome one of the barriers of our consciousness we must not tie ourselves to the results of our attempts. We surely find such instructions in Buddha's and Vedic texts. In our opinion Lama Anagarica Govinda expresses it much better in view of europian's consciousness. "…Not for the sake of certain final results, but for the joy of cognition that there wouldn't be the end of the spiritual adventures of creative life, for which the highest reward is it's own passing by, and not arriving at some definite station; it is all like we go on a journey for the sheer enjoyment of it . The path itself is the aim."

We think that the best way is to subdivide meditation into a) concentration, b) the lower meditation and the upper one. Concentration is the first step to the cognition of one's own self. H.I. Roerich wrote about concentration in her letters: "Everything that helps to concentrate the process of thinking, is very useful and must encourage the accuracy and crystallization of thought. A succession of thoughts and actions is so necessary for broadening mind". (Letters, 26.04.34) We practice just the concentration as the first step of meditation in our clinic. The main requirement to the patients is to become active paticipants in a struggle for their health. We distinquish our method from the existing psychotechniques (hypnosis, coding), and we teach our patients to penetrate into their inner world, to percept their unity with nature, to make an attempt to live in harmony with themselves and surroundings. The most paradoxal is that at an early stage, at the first lessons, receiving the first portions of knowledge about harmony, people begin to cope with their diseases, they begin to see gay and sense of life. And these are the most important moments of meditation – a man must feel gay, good mood and calmness after it. We often hear in our groups:"You've brought back the gay of life to me, I have seen the sun rising and flowers blooming".

Concentration is assimilated by placing body on the chair. The spinal column must be in vertical position, palms up on the knees, some people like to put them one over another, the right palm over the left one, or vise versa. Palm's position characterises man's opennes to the Universe.It is desirable to put off the footwear and not to cross the legs. This position characterises a man opened for energy receiving. If you meditate at home, place yourself northward or eastward and lit the taper nearby. The most favourable time for meditation is sunrise or sunset. We don't recomend meditating between the midnight and 3 o'clock in the morning. Optimum duration is about 20-25 minutes, but you are not to follow it strictly, some people cotinue meditation up to 40 minutes, others are satisfied within 10 minutes. You yourself will find favourable regime for you. In meditation your eyes are closed, it is desirable to apply calm music. It is not recommended to have meal before meditation within 6 hours. Yogis spend three days fasting and praying in order to achieve high meditation. If at the beginning your position seems to be uncomfortable, we advise you to concentrate at this point, and as soon as this discomfort disappears, you are in meditation. You'll have to do your best not to move till the end of the seance, each movement being a transition to lower energies. In meditation you'd better set up the safeguard in a form of a fiery glass.

Lama Anagarica Govinda describes building of selfprotection in Buddhism in such a way: "…it is built in a form of universal temple on the top of a sacral mount, symbolizing the ax of the Universum and corresponding to a spinal column of that who meditates. This temple is opened to the four sides of space, and at the each of the four entries one of the guards of the threshold is standing. The temple is encircled by three protecting rings; the first is made of the lotus petals, symbolising the clearness of a heart as the base of the ten transcendental virtues; the second has been the ring of the diamond sceptres, symbolizing the strength and resoluteness of a concentrated mind; the third has been the ring of the tongues of flame, symbolizing purifying power of the higher knowledge in the fire of which all sewage and rabbish are burnt down, and in which everything having been condenced, is melting and integrating into a Single Great Lofty Experience".

We are often asked if it is possible to meditate in a lying position. The main chakras must be in such a position that requires the spinal column to be set vertically. But in the case of some illnesses or another reason when you cannot take a recommended position, try then to imagine that you are sitting. You must be utterly sincere in order to assimilate a meditation and to start receiving clear gospel energies. For the first time we recommend our patient to imagine that he has come to the doctor's reception to himself. Your further progression depends on your utmost sincerity. Vedic books tell us that we, people, like animals, live according to our four desires: a wish to sleep, a wish to eat, a wish to copulate and that to defend ourselves. And only one desire is inherent in human being only: this is his yearning for God. And for this purpose we are alloted with articulate speech and ability to unite. Meditation connects the earthly and the heavenly, but this unit is realized only at the moment when your Spirit clears up your earthly shells from lie, envy, self-interest, passions, ignorance, affection to property.

During the seance try to come as if to the reception to yourself, be very attentive, and accept the responsibility for your recovering. Though we ask our patients to follow the doctor, we always grant the complete freedom, and ask not to put constraint upon their will. Surely everybody can achieve these new energies only within true freedom, freedom of spirit.

"Many people will speak of concentration, but this state supposes tension itself. Meanwhile, all we need is energy releasing, and this energy will start acting. There is no need in durable experience, the smalest second will be sufficient for such releasing. So let us release our prisoner first of all". (AUM, 462).

We must admit that during meditation even the most beautiful words are no more than the mental vibrations of our lower Manas (consciousness). The main aim is to raise Love , to make an attempt to experience this Love deeply in our selves as a natural quality of our Spirit, to percept it as being synchronized with Cosmic Love. When the coincidence of these two powers comes true you feel like being filled with bliss. In Buddhism this state is called "upeksha" (mental equilibrium), and further comes "pradjnya" (intuitive knowledge).

The main and indispencible condition is to remember that meditation is not a constraint, but it is a new possibility to apprehend the world from the position of Good and Love.

We are all constantly between two poles: earthly and spiritual. And every day we make our choice up and down, taking no notice of it yet. The characteristics of Spirit are such features as Conscience, Freedom, Power, Will, Faith, Hope and Love. When we act in our life and meditation from the point of view of these principles we are performing the spiritual ascend. The following topics are used for meditation: a walk in a forest, an ascend to mountains, a sea row, apprehending of one's own wishes, harmonizing of organs, uniting with the Earth, and the nature, and the Universe.

Meditation was born in the East . Having in mind profound orthodox traditions, that have been preserved despite the difficult period of our history, we compared the meditation with the experience of the Orthodox Christianity, and it appeared that there were a century-old tradition of a contemplation (meditation) in Christianity. "Having become a contemplator, they remove to what is the clearest infinite Light, touch it with inexpressible touches, so as they have partaken of "How blessing is God" (Kontsevich. Drawing up the Holy Spirit on the Path of the ancient Russ., published under blessing of the Patriarch of all Russia.)

Each seance must form the new stereotype of relations within man's inner world, with his relatives, surroundings on the base of compassion and Love. Having marked of high efficiency of this method, we must say that it is the first pace up the infinite ladder of the ascend to Health, Happiness and Harmony.

Many problems of a person, a state and a mankind could have been solved if people would have learnt a harmony of life. A harmony must not be understood like something averting a man from earthly world, the so called being up in the clouds. None of a kind. Everybody has his task on the Earth, and its realization is an achievement of a true Harmony.

But the most difficult task is the search for this very purpose, and especially if a man had never thought over it at all. There are no unsoluble tasks, one has to make an attempt to analize his life and to find out such moments when he was eager to sing, to create, when his heart was opened to the whole world .

Having found this aim or maybe several aims, one must begin to reconstruct himself, first little by little, and then paying more attention for building new psychology of life, i.e., entering into his own harmony. Many diseases of a man appeares because he doesn't achieve internal equilibrium. Many diseases, even the most manacing ailments may retreat if you come into the state of Harmony.

And it won't be a magic where one artificially tries to change his own energetics or maybe his surroundings, very often not even understanding the consequences of his actions. It doesn't also mean that you must become a kind of a silly who yields to anybody. We mustn't give up before evil on the Earth, however the fight must be noble and harmonic. It's particularly important when you work not for your own sake, but for the benefit of the others. The nobler is your goal, the higher are the energies you are receiving. Be staunch just in your decission till the very end, even in your thoughts, because the thought is the energy. If you sucsept hesitations, doubtness, these thoughts will immediately reach those who interferes with you and they will at once strengthen the counteraction.

You needn't hate your opponent. When Christ said "Love your enemies" He meant that everybody must understand the fact that enemy is your helpmate in overcoming your negative qualities. Keep always calmness. The more obstacles, the more enemies (i.e. the steps to perfectness), the more great problems are relied upon you. They knew about it in ancient times.

"Akbar, the Great was his name, related to his enemies with much care. His favourite advisor filled in the list of his enemies. Akbar was very often interested if any worthy name had appeared in that list. "When i see a worthy enemy I send my best regards to this distinguished friend". Akbar said some more: "I'm happy because I was able to apply the Sacred Teaching in my life, was able to render a prosperity to my people, and was set off by great enemies".

The song of Harmony has been here in each thing: a plant, an animal, a human. The whole space is permeated with this eternal song, this is the musuc of Spheres, which infinitely sounds, and with which every man comes into contacrt at least once in his life. Try to sink into remembrances, analyse. Meditation helps to find a melody of Harmony. This is the possibility to find divine in every thing. The time will come, and you'll be able to find this music in every man, and the possibility to find a common language with everybody will appear. Primarily a man by his nature is in the state of harmony and its Highest manifestation is Cosmic Love. That's why Christ summoned us: "Be like children". Let's recollect: children radiate Harmony and Love. They come from those cosmic spheres where music of Love and Harmony sounds continually. To our pity we don't learn those cosmic feelings from our children, on the contrary, we teach them a fuss of our world. Maybe a child becomes capricious and cries because he has lost the sense of harmony? Think over how to bring back all qualities that have been lost to his true personality.

If you achieve harmony with the trees in your country plot or the flowers on your window sill, they will begin to bring more fruit and will bloom better. It's quite important to find out that the energy of Harmony is more important then the amount of fruit. But when you achieve harmony the amount of fruit will grow. The experienced gardeners speak to their trees: people around consider them to be eccentric , but in vain, they are very wise people.

Bees, for instance, feel harmony strongly. They sometimes may even attack some disharmonic people. Dogs are also very sensitive to disharmony , particularly if a man is under the influence of mean astral energies.

Watch attentively how creative people live and work, they are always in the state of harmony. They can single out the main thing in their work, and the trifles of our prosiness cannot disturb the equilibrium of such a man. Watch plants and animals. Here is the well of Harmony.

What prevents a man from hearing Music of Spheres? These are first of all empty chats, fuss, prosiness. They are really considered to be the greatest enemies for Spirit creation. Harmony cannot be attained alongside with the processes, which cannot be controlled by a man. For example, TV and broadcast bring down a heap of non-veryfied information to a man, the talks of people who gained nothing in their life exept their own impressions. Indeed, this experience is important to them, but for us it is an empty chat. TV captivating nearly 100 percent of our attention, practically switches off our critical attitude to programmes. Due to this phenomena a man inclines to accept many things as a real truth, but his inner intuitive knowledge tells something oposite, and this results in disbalance of energies.

Had we reasoned sanely we would have seen, not only on an intuitive level, of what sort many TV programmes are today, in the best case those are the fairy tales that can give us nothing, but the state of disharmony. A friend of mine monk Father Nikodim calls a TV set "an antichrist icon". TV exerts a particularly deep influence on the children. If you want your child to read books, if you want his mind to work properly, then the best way maybe to tear yourself and your children from the TV first.

By the example of TV we can apprehend the illusiveness of our life if it isn't permitted with the spiritual sense. Many think that all our troubles come as a result of imperfectness of our leaders, of the place of residing, or of the working conditions. People live by the hope that a new leader will come and everything will change for the best. But leaders have changed, the places of residence are changed, some definite changes occur from time to time, but we do not estimate propely what are they caused by – we do not think much over it.

We are unsatisfied with our life, and it proceed to bother us. We don't look for the reason inside ourself, and that is the way of those who seek for the answers in the material world.

The only acknowledgement of the fact that the material world is the manifestation of the spiritual world will put an end to our sufferings. Then we'll understand that we must release ourselves from the material influence of our environment.

It's necessary to avoid another extreme – the refusal from the material world, because it is created as a part of the spiritual one, and its imperfectness only is the step of ascending to the Higher World. One cannot achieve the Highest, having not passed all the steps of an evolutionary ladder.

It's a wonderful time we are having now, it gives us the possibility to realise our way and to choose the direction of the evolution.

One can notice by the experience of how the external becomes the integral internal. First, Yogi hears the Music of Spheres, and then through his heart he himself begins to sound with this Harmony of the Higher World. But for this he himself must have a fiery heart." (Heart, 198)

Meditation is just the possibility to look into your inner world, and to apprehend the true cause of your disease. Having removed it we begin to create our destiny.


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