Chapter 4

Geopathogenic Zones of the Earth.

"There is no indifferent place, each locality is inimitable in its peculiarities of rather a practical significance. Naivety of people is amazing when they settle down in some places without the slightest understanding of the nearest conditions of the place."(Com.,158)

From the very antiquity people knew that there were favorable locations and those of "God-forsaken" (wretched holes). People were attracted to the first mentioned, and they tried to pass round the second ones. What directed those people? Certainly it was the intuition, the so-called straight-knowledge guided those people in choosing the places. With the thin furcate switch of hazel they pointed out where to build a house, to dig a well, and to plant trees. They were called willowgoers (lozokhodtsy) in Russia.

Even in the past century such abilities were observed at one per hundred people. At present due to the new energies descending to the Earth approximately 80 per cent people can possess knowledge of biolocation and be able to find geopathogenic zones in their own house, to determine the influence of the objects, jewelry, books, pictures onto their own biofield. But some warning is needed that the work with frame -better to call it sensor - is only a stage of the development of man's abilities.

Why does a frame or a ring rotate in operator's hand, and willow switch find water if they cannot move without a man? What processes lie in the bases of determining of geopathogenic zones(places, exerted harmful influence on a man's organism)?

From our point of view, from the positionof new vision any material object has invisible energetic bodies like a man has. So the Earth itself has ethereal, astral and mental bodies and its bond with Higher Worlds is performed through energetic net which envelopes the whole globe. Our biofield may interact with energetic fields of the Earth, and the frame simply marks these alterations, i.e., serves as an indicator (a sensor).

This is confirmed by the facts that individuals who have developed the abilities to distinguish the radiation of the Earth, may perform it without any additional instruments. It is mentioned about the existence of the gadget for search of water in the Egyptian papyrus of 5000 years of age. One of the most trustworthy evidence available at present tells about China Imperator Yuye reigned in 2205-2197 A.C. who was known of his ability to discover underground waters and minerals. In Old Testament we come across to the description of searching water with the help of withe in Moze's time. The ancient Greeks also possessed this skill - it is from them that the name rabdomantia (the prophecy with the help of sceptre) has come.

In the antiquity "lozokhodstvo" was explained by the interference of the beyond forces, and especially in the Middle Ages it cost their lives for many because of the usage of "devilish" instruments. Taking the risk to be blamed for magic doings, witchcraft or simply charlatanry, the majority of willowsearchers were forced to conceal. It told badly on the development of the method.

Since XVIII century and mainly in the late XIX-th and early XX-th the second birth of this forgotten art took place. The prominent minds of that time like A. Humboldt, M.V.Lomonosov, J.Goethe and others paid attention to this method. Some definite researches are undertaken for ascertaining this phenomenon. In the XX-th century this branch of science starts its new stage of development, there appear unions, societies and associations of willowsearchers in Germany, France, Austria, the USA, Great Britain; books and magazines are being published.

Various geonets which reveal anomalous zones are described in literature: E.Hartmann, F.Pairo, M.Currie, Z.Vitmann

Here is the variant of the classification of geopathogenic zones of the Earth:

  1. Geopathogenic Zones.
  2. Technopathogenic Zones.
  3. Bioactive (healing) Zones.
  1. Geopathogenic Zones.
    1. Of the Earth's origin:
    2. Of Cosmic character:
      • places of the meteorites' falling down;
      • of landing UFO.
  2. Technopathogenic Zones - as a result of human activity.
    1. Of global scale:
    2. Local, appearing in houses, flats as a result of:
  3. Biologically active (health-protective) zones.

The main net in its significance for man's health, is the global lattice net oriented from East to West 2,5 m, and from North to South 2m. This kind of rectangular "chess board" covers all the surface of globe, and not only covers, it rises up rather high. Thus at the 9-th or at the 16-th floor it is indicated precisely just as at the surface. Building materials: bricks, ferro-concrete almost don't influence it.

The investigations of many world scientists showed that man's long staying on these lines is unfavorable for man's health, but the heaviest consequences occur, if a man sleeps or works on the cross-points of these lines. It is accepted that there are descending and ascending flows of energies conditionally called "-" and "+". At "-" the ring or the bead hanging on the thread in the man's hand, rotates ante clockwise, at "+" - clockwise.

And staying long in "+" zone is really unfavourable for a man. Approximately 100 percent are taken ill with cancer at such places.

Despite all the attempts to design the apparatus for determining geopathogenic zones, human organism and "bioframe" proceed being the simplest and the most trustworthy method.

The frame is made of calibrated copper or aluminum wire of 2-2,5 mm diameter. The length of a handle is 12 cm and of the sensitive arm - 22-25 cm.

The pendulum or the ring of approximately 10g of weight on the thread of 30-60cm long are the variety of sensors which, performing different motions, (circular or straight) also can determine geopathogenic zones.

What is needed practically in order to determine such anomalous zones in one's own flat? It is desirable to orientate oneself according to cardinal points, then coming along magnet lines, for example, from North to South, one has to hold a frame or a pendulum in his hand. At the moment of crossing the line of geomagnetic net, the frame will begin to diverge in his hand, and it would be the sought line. Having come perpendicularly from East to West, find the second line. The imaginary crossing of these two lines will give you the geopathogenic zones; and knowledge of its size (from East to West - 2,5m, from North to South - 2m) will help you to find them quicker. You will be able to define the charge of this zone and the right location with the help of a pendulum (a ring).

What can prevent from finding these zones? We came across three main difficulties in our experience:
      - the frame or the weight are performing random out-of-order movements.There may be two reasons. The first is that you are excited: you'd better sit down, switch on calm music and try to relax, and then in a calmness try to repeat your work. The second is that the flat is energetically contaminated. You'd better burn incense, or sprinkle the place with sanctified (charged) water;
      - the frame determines geopathogenic zones accurately, but the distances don't coincide, if compare to other apartments. Very often, especially at the beginning of the work an operator cannot "switch off" his thoughts, and they namely influence the work of the frame, and that's why one also must soothe himself;
      - the frame doesn't move, there we have two reasons: maybe you wish to do it too strong, or you don't believe. In both cases try to become a steady investigator who wants to get a result not having influenced it at all.

Enlightening the work of energosensors we must necessarily mention the intercourse of their auras with different objects.

In this case we with our frame carry out the so called mutual investigation in which our frame has to answer only "yes" or "no". For "yes" it turns clockwise, for "no - ante clockwise".

Having brought the frame to the object, ask it mentally: "does this adornment suit me?", and the frame will answer "yes" or "no". In such a way you may ask about any things: books, jewelry etc. But you must do your best to switch off your mental influence. It's very simple to make certain in the influence of thoughts. If you ask the frame "To clean the room or not?", and deeply inside you don't want to do this, then the frame will answer "not". And when you want to go to the cinema or to watch TV, then the frame will certainly answer "yes".

Constant training and longing will make you an operator of biolocation for your flat. You have to take into consideration, however, that what was possible in your own home, might not turn out in another place. And also you'd better not demonstrate your abilities in people's presence, before strangers either: everything may disappear at a moment, because in order to master this knowledge the continuous striving and tedious work is required.

Certainly the frame has a wide range of possibilities, but they are not infinite, so as the energies on which the frame works have been not so high, and this doesn't permit to penetrate deeply into the essence of the Law of cause and effect. So that, the work with frame is considered as a step to cognizing the Higher Laws. Long occupation of such kind may cease spiritual progress and in some cases even bring someone to involution, because one can never exclude the interference of energies of astral plane. Well then, the geopathogenic zones have been already defined! And you see with horror that your child's bed is placed on such a geopathogenic zone. What have you to do? The most reasonable decision is to replace the bed.

Vedic knowledge recommend us to sleep within rectangular of geopathogenic net with the head northward or eastward which is somewhat worse, but is still possible.

What to do, however, if there is no chance to replace the bed?

In this peculiar case you may put a neutralizer onto this zone. It may be a mirror of approximately 40 x 60 cm size down on its smooth surface, lime, the pieces of marble, plants like garlic, onion, fern, chestnuts, nuts.

Within what period can a man fall ill having stayed in geopathogenic zone? There have been various observations, and they all admit this period to be rather long, about ten or more years. The efforts of the first-class doctors will be in vain if you constantly stay in geopathogenic zone.

Scientists of different countries study the influence of these zones on people. The Polish scientist Irzhy Averman investigated 1280 individuals who stayed in anomalous zones. One of the five of them slept on the crossing of lines. All of them had fallen ill in ten years period; there were different diseases: 57 percent were light, 33 percent were heavy, and 10 percent were with mortal end.

Our research does also acknowledge this gloomy statistics. Many patients with heavy diseases worked or slept in geopathogenic zones. The more wondering is that the pathological hotbed (nidus) has been precisely projected on a pathological zone.

Plants and animals are rather sensitive to these zones. For example the birch which has grown here will be with sick unclean rind, and it will be crooked, as if it tries to run away from that "wretched hole". Ants build their ant-hills on the line-crossings. Bees are more meliferous if their hive is located on "+" point. Fruit-trees grow and bear fruit much worse, 57 domestic animals fall ill more often. Cats like to sleep on crossings, but a dog will never lie down in geopathogenic zone.

Knowledge about geopathogenic zones are involved in architecture by scientists of many countries (USA,Germany, Austria, Canada and so on) and houses are being designed now taking into account new knowledge. And not only houses, even cow-sheds, because cows respond to anomalous zones with lowering yield of milk. Here in Dniepropetrovsk we investigated the buildings which had been built before 1917, and were rather astonished by the fact that some buildings were located considering geomagnetic anomalies.

Considering man's interrelation with environment, its necessary to dwell on the question of global anomalous zones. There are definite places on the Earth where energetics as if being decreasing. Probably. these are the places where the Earth must relax and to store up the energy. At these places the sick rate is higher and it has more manifested chronic character, the death-rate and the rate of suicides is higher. And vice versa there are places which possess healing properties. There energetics is as if accumulating potential. People are more cheerful, rarely fall ill, live longer and are more open to intercourse. In the first-mention places people don't want to live and the population is being consequently decreased, in the second on the contrary it is being increased.

If we don't take into consideration the knowledge about anomalous zones in future, it will bring us to economic looses, and civil engineering at such regions will never solve the problem of dwelling for population. There are no effective means in changing of energetics of such places at present. Maybe in future mankind will learn to leave such places for rest, or will take some other measures.

In order not to fall ill one has to know how to improve the energetics of his flat, his house; even in the past century people knew how to do this, how to take care of one's home, didn't they?

If you have exchanged the flats with somebody, you'd better make repairs at once, and especially if there earlier lived alcoholics and narcotists, and conflicting people; otherwise you will appear under the influence of the energies of the previous inhabitants. There were good custom in Russia to invite a parson for consecration of a house.

When you are going to begin building of a house, a country cottage you'd better invite the specialist on biolocation. We have some cases in our clinical practice when the illness has been caused by the fact that the houses were built on the places of burying. In every town you can hear the stories about such "damned" houses where different anomalous phenomena known as "poltergeist" (the violence of spirits) have been taken place. As a rule they occur at the places of burying or grieve blood crimes.

We recommend at least two times a year to clean the dwelling. After a general tidying up go clockwise sprinkling with sanctified water, burn incense (sticks or pyramids) or frankincense. You may burn the branches of heather, juniper, willow. It's very useful to go clockwise with church taper (sanctified), crossing the corners.

Don't forget about the necessity to clean the flat regularly, to air the dwelling. The natural flowers clean the room nicely, and those being cut do this till they become to fade. "The Blessed is ascribed to the next. Once He came to see the ruler Radjagrihi. This ruler attracted attention to the tidiness of his reception chamber. But the Blessed said:

"Better show the cleanness of your bedroom, washroom and your kitchen. The reception chamber is defiled by many unworthies, but there where your consciousness is being created, let there be clean." (A.Y.264).


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