Chapter 3

Psychic Energy, Energetic Vampirism and Energetic Defense.

"The heart is singing you know, it is sounding and is filling the whole organism with the specific energy" (AUM,32).

"If the earthly matters influence people in such various ways then how different are the higher energies' ascendancy over them. From time immemorial people understood that for the correct perception of these rays it is necessary to bring the organism into harmonic state. The sages sent the power of sainted appeals. AUM or in sounding OM was such a synthesis of sound aspirations. The prayer, wise doing was the superb achievements sanitating the Spirit state. Everybody in his own manner introduced various assisting phenomena into the concentration of mind: one looked for the solution in music, another in singing, the other in dancing;...There were many fluctuations and delusions, but on the whole in his basis a man always sought to the creation of particularly elevated mood, contributing to the perception of higher energies". (AUM,4).

Modern scientists, adducing the theories of torsion field, of uniform field consider that behind our material world in which we have solid, liquid, gaseous and plasmatic state of matter, there are several planes of new energetic states of matter. Such a structure of Cosmos is acknowledged by many physicists of the world.

Agny Yoga also teaches us that the whole world is permeated by the energies, carrying different information and this kind of energetic interchanging is inherent in all infinite Universe. High Fiery Energy temporarily called by people as psychic, lies in the basis of the whole unmanifested world.

We must not only acknowledge the presence of these energies, but understand how we can apply them for our benefit and for the benefit of the surrounded world.

How can one approach studying these new energies? What will assist their cognition and perception? This knowledge is of great importance, all our diseases, you know, are the result of the discord of energies.

Living Ethics, telling about accumulating or dissipating of energies, deals much with their transmutation.

One of the main aspects of energy transmutation is the disclosing of heart.

"To see with the eyes of a heart, to hear the boom of the world with the ears of heart, to see clearly the future with the understanding of heart; to remember the previous accumulations by heart, and so impetuously one must go on the ascending path. The creation envelopes the fiery potential and is satiated with the innermost fiery of heart." (H.,1)

Certainly the spiritual heart, not a physical one is meant. Heart is a magnet, joining the Highest with our earthly nature. And, of course, not our ordinary consciousness, staying in everyday fuss, but verily the heart will open the ways to the New World for us. Reading the ancient prophecies and sacred books we find the directions about transmutation a man through disclosing of his heart.

"Because by the heart belief they believe to the rightness" (To Rom.,X,10)

The highest cosmic feeling is the bearer of fiery energy. Cosmic love is that which surrender itself wholly for Common Benefit. On the Earth this feeling is mostly like the parent's love to their children .

"For the people on the Earth love is almost inapplicable to their marketing feelings. It often remains without consciousness. But in the Subtle World love is the key to all the bars." (F.W.,I,322)

"Love, podvig, labour, creation - these summits of the ascending in any rearrangement preserve ascending aspiration. What a multiple of attendant notions they include. Is there any love without selflessness; is there any podvig without courage, labour without patience, creation without selfperfection ! And it is the heart, that is leading all this army of noble values." (H.,75).

The notion of living energy we find in all the ages of human history. In ancient Greece it was called Theros, in Egypt - Tum, in China - Tsi, in the East - Aum.

Wonderful and ancient method of needle prickling, having existed for about 4000 years without any changes is precisely based on regulating energetic links. Many eastern gymnastics are based on the control of the internal energetic processes.

In ancient times it was known that energy may be used not only for treatment but also for depositing it over the objects. Such things were called sworn or bewitched. In Japan energy was deposited at the arms of great military leaders and such arms helped in the battle, but in the strange hands it might bring misfortune. The secret of manufacturing such weapon were known in ancient Russ. So the legend about the "metch-kladenets" has the real energetic ground. These antique knowledge were preserved in some habits, rituals, different tokens. The energetic vision of the world laid in their basis. So when we present knives and forks we ask to pay for them some money, that is we want energetically to cut off ourselves from the things presented. Loving couples know that folk sign doesn't recommend, when they go side by side, let the trees, posts and alike pass between them. With empty bucket to meet - a sign of the output of energy, - that is to failure.

"So well, this energy may be deposited on the objects which will cause the tension of the will. Successful acquisition may cause the thing lucidating or impart the thought suggested. And that is a scientific explanation of the sacred objects."(A.Y.,522)

The ancient jeweler understood that gems might bring good fortune to their hosts. And so the different amulets and talismans appeared - the whole knowledge came into existence about the compositions of Zodiac signs and gems.

One must know that if gems come to their owner dishonestly, a man begin to suffer troubles and misfortunes. Here not only gems are concerned, but all the things, acquired dishonestly.

Though sacred knowledge is almost lost, in our everyday life we may speak about depositing of energy, and this is done by thinking. Thought is energy, and when we think of an object we form good or bad strata of energy.

In our Center a young girl took treatment. The cause of her bad feeling remain unclear for a long time. Having examined in detail the procedure of the illness we realized that she began to feel bad after she had bought a necklace in a shop. This was done in a company with her girl-friend who said with malice: "This necklace suits much more to me". Soon their friendship was broken out. Examining energetic field we realized that the necklace radiated negative energy. Perhaps her friend thought very negatively while bying and this energy was deposited on a necklace and became a cause of an illness. We managed to take this influence off with great difficulty.

"One should approach to an unusual with simple respect. Nobody wants to think over how easily he will make to suffer somebody because of his negative malicious attack. Each ignoramus is like a dark servant." (F.W.,286)

The time will come when we can take photo of aura of the things, and then many will be terrified having examined their flats, how many things radiate negative energy.

Women feel the energetic potential of a thing much better. They often say: "This thing doesn't suit me, I feel uncosy in it."

The following incident proves the influence of thought on peoples health. Having realized that we can determine geopathogenic zones the engineer of the City's constructor bureau appealed to us with the request to examine their department.

All people in this department began to feel bad. One felt headache, the other blood pressure running, the third caught flu and it captivated him for two weeks. As it became clear, they had been working together for 15 years, all were deeply kind intelligent people, their families were on friendly terms, they used to go out to the theater, to the forest together.

Everything began for about a year ago when one of the collaborators was dismissed, and the director said that soon one or two more persons would be also dismissed. Outwardly all continued to keep calmness. But the thought "who of them is the worst to be reduced" were flying in air.

When we explained that it had been the thoughts of the collaborators of the department, that were the reason of their bad feeling, our engineer didn't believe us. Otherwise he agreed to carry out an experiment. We advised to gather them all and to explain that they create negative energetic atmosphere by their thoughts. We advised to suggest them not blaming anybody , in the case of reducing to draw lots, and to help always on whom the lot will fall.

Having returned to us within three weeks he acknowledged that he hadn't particularly believed in what we said, but being an investigator "for the purity of an experiment" he carried it on with all the accuracy. He bought a cake and made some tea. His first astonishment was that the talk had been lasting for several hours, and the main thing was that they had believed at once that they themselves had been the source of bad feelings. Miracle happened, smiles returned to their faces again, the wish to go to work returned again, and so returned the delight of communion with friends.

We may refer this case to the pure psychotherapeutic influence if there weren't the experiment conducted in many countries. A man, standing on a very precision sensitive scales was proposed to think that he was very heavy, and the scales invariably showed the increasing of the weight.

"Of all creative energies the highest is the thought."(A.Y.,19)

"When do ever people understand the significance of thought and word? And still it is more important for people to spill a sack of unvalid seeds then to spill crushing words. Anybody will pick up seeds, but even Arhat won't destroy the consequences of crushing words."(A.Y.,50)

The Living Ethics speaks of sane employment of all the potential of energies stored in a man, it says that energies are spread in the surroundings, we only must learn how to take it, and then the Living Ethics points out the ways and sources of increasing of energetic potential.


"Prayer is the conductor to the flow of bliss."(AUM,35)


"The path of Love is the tension of cosmic energy"(H.,243)


"The striving to the highest achievements inspires the Spirit and forces the storage of psychic energy."(F.W.,III,411)


"Each possibility is affirmed by the attraction of thought."(Inf.,II,341)


"Heart is the sun of an organism, and the focus of psychic energy." (H.,2)


"Verily, the best fire blazes up with joy."(F.W.,I,10)

"Joy is the health of Spirit."(F.W.,I,298)


"Psychic energy is "beauty."(AUM,478)


"Labour and Agny are the cause and effect of energy."(Com.,236)


"Load me more when I go to the Garden of Beauty."(Br.,240)


"The dynamo of unity multiplies all the energies."(SM.,30)

There nearby is always large reservoir of psychic energy - these are our green friends trees, flowers. There are the trees, that give their energy - they are donors, and those taking away energy - vampires.

These are donors: oak, chestnut, birch, lime, bird-cherry, pine, fur-tree, maple and fruit-trees.

Vampires are asp, poplar, willow.

It doesn't mean however, that vampires are bad and must be razed to the ground.

Thus in the case of energetic contamination first, the dirty energy must be taken away and only then one can charge himself with clear. Very often the inflammation means the overloading with negative energy, and close contact with the tree-vampire permits to take off the inflammation, and, of course, it is useful after that to charge near a donor.

In an old-dated prescriptions we find the instructions how to take away the inflammation in the joints: for the night the circles, made from an asp are tied to the joints, till morning the swelling will go away. A cabbage leaf possesses similar properties.

How can one obtain the energy from a tree? Without a fuss come to the tree, great it, and ask it for help, tell it that you need health for good causes. A man embraces the trunk of a tree, a woman leans against the trunk. In a calmness relaxing stay for some time (for 10-15 min.) and you will invariably sense energy, filling your organism. Don't forget to thank the tree.

Some people will consider the advices of such a kind to be fantastic and will be surprised to learn about the experiments carried by the scientists with the flowers. There were set up gauges for metering the energetic conductivity of the petals. And it appeared to be an amazing thing. If a man came to the flowers with scissors their potential fell, and he came with watering-can - the potential rose.

Every man may observe how the energy of thought influences the plants. Sow the same grass of fennel, of parsley, keep them in approximately equal conditions. But every day send the thoughts of Love and Goodness to the first planting, scold the second, and be indifferent to the third. The result obtained will make you to think over, and it will become clear why the flowers and trees grow better at some other people.

If you come into energetic contact with trees and flowers, that is you speak to them, the result will not fail to tell upon, they always response with a good crop.

We are told that after the death of a man the trees on his plot cease to bear fruit. The barbaric method is suggested, to come to the plot with an axe and say "If you don't bear fruit I will fell you all." However the positive result may be obtained without disturbing harmony, for at least this violation may not tell upon your health. The trees cease to bear fruit because of the breach of energetic equilibrium. Begin to talk to them and everything will be restored. Our patients very often say after the studies that it is quite clear now why the neighbour on the country-plot has always got better crop.

Rather astonishing are the results of the experiments carried out by the candidate of Biology T.R.Reshetnikova at the Institute of Physiology of Plants and Genetics of the Academy of Science of Ukraine: the seeds of wheat were placed on the relic of the Saints' body in Kiev -Petchersky Monastery, after that transmutations in the seeds were being observed. The first results stunned: irradiated in cave, seeds of wheat being planted had developed almost two times quicker then those in controlled group. Then there chemical composition was investigated. It 39 appeared that under the influence of some unknown power transmutation took place in these seeds: some elements grew in number, others reduced. With the help of nuclear magnetic resonator they looked into the depth of the atoms of these strange seeds. And there is an amazement again: under the influence of the same strange power the nuclei of the atoms passed into another energetic condition.

Some definite quantity of seeds was separated into three parts. One of them was sown into soil without change, the other was irradiated by cobalt gun with the doze of 10 rad. (the radiobiological equivalent of Roentgen).As to the third part, it was put onto the relic of the Saint's body and this Saint was mentally prayed to defend the seeds, after that the seeds were also irradiated. The latter circumstance - a prayer or a request - is essentially important. Well then nothing remained, but to watch the plants. The result was permanently identical and left no doubts as to the general conclusion, insignificant number of divergence was of no value. The second group of plants practically perished, maimed mutants arose from the soil. But the third group which was beforehand defended by the energy of Saint's relic, very slightly yielded to the control group of plants (that not irradiated). But these seeds accepted a killing doze of Rhoentgen, you know! What saved them each time? Of course it was psychic energy or in terms of Christianity - Holy Spirit.

A great number of such examples may be given here.

So in such a way the experimental proof of the Roerich's hypothesis that the psychic energy may be stronger than the nuclear one, was obtained.

We carried out the same investigations in a company with the chair of microbiology of the Dniepropetrovsk medical University in depositing psychic energy on water. The results were as follows: water with positive charge possessed bactericidal properties, on the contrary, in water with negative charge the colonies of microorganisms propagated rather quickly. Owing only to this phenomena "consecrated" water will always exert the healing influence.

There was an ancient custom to consecrate water placing it at the head of the bed for a night.

Agny Yoga only recommends to use spring water or in boiling hot state, cooled boiled water is called "dead water."

On the East a healer before starting the treatment prescribe the diet which excludes meat. In the traditions of vedic cultures we always find denying of meat to be one of the preliminary of the spiritual advance. There, however, the proverb "Not every vegetarian is a spiritual person, but every spiritual person is a vegetarian."

All the same, why does vegetable diet contribute to the spiritual development? As appears, at the moment of death an animal emanates specific chemical substances - hormones, influencing destructively a man, but the main thing is the fear which animal suffers from at the moment of death, this fear is recorded on the liquid of the cells. The energy of fear, penetrating into human organism, causes large wastes of psychic energy. Consequently, during the illness the organism may recover at the expense of the preserved high energy only, but if to keep a vegetarian diet.

Some experiments were conducted when a crawfish was thrown into boiling water, and at that moment the burst of energetic potential was observed in all the indoor plants.

Agny Yoga points to the medicines of life givers. Valerian refers to them, and its accepting in the form of tea, steamed forms, only not in the form of spirit infusion, will favour to acquisition of psychic energy.

It's high time to acknowledge that everything living on the Earth, influence one another intercoursing energetically. Mutual energetic interchange is the reality of our time. When we pity an old man, press to the heart a sick son or a daughter, we transmit a stock of psychic energy to them, but can we govern this energy?

"The difficulty is in the fact that psychic energy is completely unorganized in people, it is unrestrained and not controlled. It is dissipated inexpediently and is wasted, and escapes like water through a broken dam, otherwise if it had been kept off and a dam had been repaired, then it would have been stored and used wisely, like the miller stores water, if the dam is safe.(Facets of A.Y.,62,153)

Our main task is to learn governing the fiery energy.

"The fiery world has its expression under the name of psychic energy. People will understand better in such a way. Everybody feels that there is something deeply inside of him which has no name in the languages. The strength of energy will sooner be accepted, then the spark of fire. A mankind opposes itself to Fire very much. "Fire devours, but not creates",- people think. So, first, tell them about psychic energy, and to the advanced consciousness only tell about Fire."(F.W.,III,440)

Well, how to act in order these energies would help to defeat the diseases?

Agny Yoga says that the diseases are distinguished as admitted, karmic and sacred. Many diseases are admitted. We admit them by our ignorance, violation of equilibrium and harmony, resulting from our wishes, thoughts, and actions.

Not for nothing Buddha called ignorance the biggest evil in the world.

Having imagined our world in different flows of various energies we have to make out that the disease spring up at the moment when Cosmic laws are violated, we get out of energy harmony and as a result the cell lacks the sufficient energetic supply, or on the contrary, the overloading takes place.

"Urusvati knows that a mankind created and increased its illnesses itself. The Thinker said: "The nature doesn't demand such tortures to which people doomed themselves. Even the childbirth mustn't be painful, and some women prove this. But many generations have done their best to imply various diseases into life. One can hardly imagine how many generations would have been necessary to get rid of all the contagion. Not only doctors, but all people must agree to extermination of all the diseases."

"It is insane to think that Gods sent the diseases as punishment. We can't even suppose that the Upper Forces might expose guilty and non guilty to sufferings. But evidently people themselves gave birth to infectious diseases by their lack of self-restraint and grim". (Supermund. 186).

From the position of bioenergetics sane life is the life in harmony with internal and external world.

Isn't our life, full of mistakes, the subject of realizing ourselves? Our consciousness being one of the factors of disharmony constantly adds new problems; thanks to consciousness we don't live in present, do we? We recollect past and compare it with present, make prognosis for future, and compare again, i.e we have been constantly in the state of conflict with past and future, and first of all with ourselves. Are there any escape from these conflicts, how to stop them? First they give birth to sufferings, and then to diseases, don't they?

In order to come to harmony you have to annihilate the reasons causing disharmony. Having fallen ill the patient very seldom becomes an active participant in the struggle against his ailment; it's all because he doesn't realize that he himself is the source of his diseases. More often the patient looks for the reasons outward, and blames others for his ailments and failures, creating in such a way new causal-effect relationships for the new troubles to occur. Only from the moment we begin to perceive the reasons causing our errors, the process of healing starts. We must remember that ailment is the disturbance of harmony inside the organism due to the internal or the external causes. And again, it is not only suffering, but it is the occasion to realize what mistakes we have made.

If a man smokes, drinks spirits, uses foul language and suddenly an ulcer of stomach occurs with him, then any of the treatment even an operative one will bring only a temporary recovery, in the case when a man doesn't change his style of life.

Many sources say that heart will become a receptacle of new consciousness of a man, heart will receive Fiery cosmic energies in approaching epoch. Receiving High energies we may defeat any disease, we only must try to disclose our heart on order it might carry on its evolutionary task.

It is said in Agny Yoga: "The illness is from sin",- says The Scriptures. We say - the illness from the imperfectness of the past and present." (H.96)

After our seances we hear something like this: "Had I known that many my diseases arose from my thoughts and deeds, I would have avoided them."

"I stopped being ill-natured, aggressive towards colleagues and my headaches ceased."

"Perfecting myself I feel how the interrelations in my family have also been improving, and that is the most wondering. My blood pressure got to normal."

Work with energies demands as an obligatory preliminary to keep strictly to the established condition, the presence of Belief. But not insouciant belief, but the conscious belief, having its source in deep convictions and vision. The believers are always in better condition. Belief nourishes our protective net.

Not for nothing Christ says while treating people: "As you have believed, so let it be".

Clinical and immunological observations conducted in the Center speak for certain about the bond between immunity and the level of psychic energy, so they prove what is said in Living Ethics about the links of spiritual and material worlds. The earlier people will understand this interdependence, the more seldom they will fall ill, the more joyful will be the steps of Life. And the numerous almost incurable diseases will recede.

"Cancer is the mankind's scourge and it is to increase inevitably. The fundamental measures against cancer will be the measures of prophylaxis. He, who doesn't eat meat, doesn't use vine, tobacco and drugs, who keeps his psychic energy in purity, who sometimes keeps milk diet, who evacuates his stomach, he may not think of cancer. At the beginning of a disease the operation may be applied, but it will be senseless if a man comes back to his former life."(A.Y.495)

The diseases may be defeated not by the numerous doctors and hospitals, but only in the condition of selfperfection becoming a standard of everyday life.

"To the charging of all doctors the perfection will be the true prophylaxis. One may understand that the perfection becomes from heart."(H.96)

Telling about the energetic interchange, we must mention about such a shameful phenomenon as energovampirism. In order to store psychic energy a man has to work, to perfect himself, to overcome negative qualities. But it is much more easier "to borrow" it from somebody. So many people even not being conscious of it become energovampires. How to distinguish them? If you understand that after the contact with this man you feel bad, you are sleepy and have a headache - these are the symptoms that the energy has been taken off.

More often we come across the two types of vampires, these are "the aggressors", trying to shout and scandal, to breach a protective net; and "diplomats" who tenderly "collects" energy, trying to call forth the feeling of pity.

In the first type men are prevailing, especially they are numerous among the leaders. In the second one we meet more often women. Our young people have quite a wit expression defining the breach of aura and energy taking off "You've teased me".

There are different kinds of energetic defence, and they all are based on the imagining some particular means of defence - wall, mirror, cocoon, golden gratin, space suit, fiery glass, that is, mental realizing of the fact that there is a barrier between you and your associates.

There are the rules that one should remember in creating any defence: first - it works on your own energy, that's why set it for a definite period, not more than 6 hours; second - the defence must not partition the flow of cosmic energy, pouring at you vertically from above.

Any defence at the end of its operation must be taken off and mentally burnt. The exception is the fiery glass. You only must fix the period of duration while setting this defence.

One of the best means of defence is reading of prayer in no wise but in Spirit and certainly with belief.

Psalm 91 defends and energetically cleans the house, the flat and any place you are at, very well.

  1. "He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
  2. I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and fortress: my God; in him will I trust.
  3. Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.
  4. He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.
  5. Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day;
  6. Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.
  7. A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.
  8. Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked.
  9. Because thou hast made the Lord, which is my refuge, even the most High, thy habitation;
  10. There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.
  11. For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.
  12. They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.
  13. Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet.
  14. Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he hath known my name.
  15. He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him and honour him.
  16. With long life will I satisfy him and shew him my salvation.

Helena Ivanovna Roerich recommended:

"In the case you feel invisible presence it's necessary to display full calmness, for the insane fear may weaken the protective net of our aura. If the elemental which is percepted by you, approaches with evil intentions, then the fear you manifest will further be doing you harm. So in all Teachings there were bequeathed the fearlessness of Spirit. At the full self-control none of the beyond elementals can do any harm. I advise to concentrate at the Great Image, to utter the Name seven times and mentally encircle as it were by impervious armour of Light."(Letters,17.05.37).

And the most important you have to remember is that energy cannot be taken off if you yourself didn't allow any harmful thoughts or actions towards vampire; not for nothing they often try to put you beside yourself. But your Spirituality is the highest defence while any attack is the way to study your own potentials for the next evolutionary steps so as the test is given according to forces.

"Everybody who has come to realize the Power of Agni may quite naturally use this inexhaustible energy" (F.W.,494)


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