From a history of a medicine we know, that in all times the people went on resorts, accepted water procedures and drunk mineral waters and, in most cases, them health was improved. By the purpose of the present research was the task to investigate water for an evaluation its energoinformatical status, for using that water for searching of zones, optimal for human residing. It became possible thanks to using of device „GDV-Camera“, based on effect Kirlian and created by K.G. Korotkov, with additional system for obtaining the images of lighting of liquid.

The 460 researches of water with various chemical structures in different regions of Ukraine were conducted. Only one parameter was evaluated - area of lighting BEO-grammes of water (in pixels). The following average outcomes were obtained after processing:

The area of lighting of water, undoubtedly, depends on mineral structure of liquid, but it is impossible to exclude its energoinformatical properties, cause the water of the same structure, depending from many factors, can change intensity of the gas discharges, i.e. length and branching of strimmers, brightness of lighting. So, as the results of researches are established, that the water with a high energetical potential reduces its lighting on 16-25% after placed it in geopathogenical zone during 30 minutes. After boiling or processing of water in a microwave device the area of BEO-gramme decreases from 5 up to 21 %.

If in water to put herbs and to insist them within day, than, depending on a selection of herbs and water, the area of BEO-gramme is increased from 7 up to 23 % and the shape of radiation is changing.

If the same herbs are filled up by boiling water and also are insisted within day, the area BEO-gramme is increased just on 3-5 %.

One more interesting legitimacy is revealed: the water of the same mineral structure changes parameters of the area of lighting depending from zone, where it is placed. The towntube water from Dniepropetrovsk (reference value - 2400) has increased the area BEO-gramme on the average up to 3000 on the second day in Golubovka, and at the third day - up to 3500.

These data have allowed creating water marker "OMI-1", which has constant physical parameters and chemical structure. The interesting data are obtained as the results of researches conducted with it. For example, the area of lighting of that marker in Dniepropetrovsk - 3500, and the same solution in day in Kitaygorod - 4800 (shape of a drop is changed also).

After placed marker in pathogenical or optimal zone the precise legitimacy is traced: in 30 minutes the significant change of the area of lighting (up to 16 %) happens, then lighting continues to be changed within three day (16-21 %), and then remains constant.

Let's recollect Agny Joga: „…You were able to observe that psychic energy can magnetize water, and that waters containing iron or lithium are very easily magnetized. One can also observe how water is gradually demagnetized in proportion to the decrease of psychic energy. This can be done with all objects, and it is not magic, but a scientific process“.(Supermundane,334).


  1. It is possible to investigate water for an evaluation of its energoinformatical status, using created by K.G. Korotkov device "GDV-Camera" with additional system for obtaining the images of liquid lighting.

  2. The marker, created by us, "OMI-1" well react on changes of energy-space of the Earth and allows authentically revealing both anomalous and optimal zones.

  3. The obtained data enable to reveal zones most favorable for human residing and to create herb-solutions for treatment.

  4. Agny Joga allows to predict scientific development in the field of psychic energy.

Semenikhin E.E., Jeltyakova I.N.

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