"The Doctrine will be the prophecy in the world of science" *

* (Marks of Agni Yoga, 611)

"How shall we find the words to approach the concept of the universe? How shall we tell about the evolution of forms? How to uplift the consciousness to the study of fundamentals? How to stimulate humanity to scientific cognition of the worlds? Each realization is born in Beauty. Know how to think radiantly, and nothing terrifying will touch you." (Inspiration, p.43, V, 1)

Taking up various fields of knowledge, the Doctrine of Living Ethics gives the opportunity for the new approach to a man and to the comprehension of his sense of living, it opens up the Thin World, secrets of the energies and of the Universe, it brings the humanity to the High World.

In spite of the fact that the medicine from the ancient times considered man in terms of energy today science hardly ever takes into account this fact, though, quite often, the life itself confirms the necessity of finding new approaches to the understanding of the World.

Even Hermes Mercury Trismegist stated that the invisible human energy might be the cause of all illnesses. Not denying the importance of a physical body, he proved that the man’s constitution is just the emanation or objectification of his invisible energy and spiritual principles.

The Paracelsus medical system was also based on the theory of human energy and on the theory of magnetism. "All illnesses, excepting mechanical injuries, originate in invisible, and medicine knows a little about it. People who lack spiritual perception are not able to realize that there is something one cannot see. The usual medicine knows almost nothing about illnesses not mechanically used, and the science about treatment of internal diseases just aimed on the elimination of the cause of mechanical injuries", - he wrote in his treatise "Paragranum".

Ancient Indian, Tibetan, Chinese philosophers also considered man in terms of energy.

Even the appearance of the Secret Doctrine by E.P.Blavatskaya in XIX century could not change the outlook of many scientists.

But we can’t say that the psychology in XIX-ÕÕ centuries had the one-sided view of the understanding of the human nature. For example Z.Freud and C.Yung have brought new concepts, giving the idea of unconscious they had shaken down the outlook that the man is just a system of reflexes.

Unfortunately, the wide existed opinion that I.P.Pavlov considered man in terms of reflexes is based on the knowledge taken from the school textbooks on Biology. It would be interesting to know that Pavlov was religious and his words about Freud, that he (Freud) could become a founder of a new religion, in this context, require a new understanding.

In our days medicine should present a man as a completely unique, open, self-regulating bio-power-informational system closely connected with environment. It is necessary to put a question about the integrity of the physical state and energy state of a man as a basis for further development of the theoretical and practical medicine. And in this sense the investigations in the sphere of the objectification of the received data gain in importance.

In Marks of Agni Yoga stated that "a man in his aura brings for milieu health, happiness and light or illnesses and grief, suffering and darkness", that is why "the problem of the human radiations is of a great importance", (VI, 423).

And "there would be very useful a device for the determining of radiations. Not a dim philosophy, not dreams, but some devices will give a real help" (Ob.,131).

We would like to tell you about the destiny of such devices and discoveries that gave us an opportunity to see these human radiations, to study them in terms of human energy and to assess physical and psychoemotional state.

The possibility of studying luminescence of biological objects has attracted many scientists and researchers for a long time. For the first time this luminescence was observed by professor Lichtenberg in 1777. Almost a century had passed before it was registered on a photoplate and got its name "Lichtenberg figures".

Time passed away, new devices and theories were created and the properties of radiation were investigated.

Nobody doubts that Semen Davidovich and Valentina Chrisanfovna Kirlian were the first who photographed human radiation. Not without reason in the scientific world of many countries this phenomenon is called "Kirlian effect". They worked out this device for ten years and the rest of life they devoted to its improving. They wanted their creation to help people in finding keys to the secrets of human energy, to new understanding of health and illness, life and death. Semen Davidovich Kirlian wrote: "The main purpose of "Kirlian effect" is to help the people. Having analyzed the emanations we can diagnose physical and psycho emotional state of a man, and to use it for new approaches to medicine".

In "Marks of Agni Yoga" we read:

"The striking discovery or invention of the Kirlian is so great and significant that it is hard to imagine what a huge influence it will have many spheres of our life. Our Great country goes in ahead of all and we can proud that their invention, which is of the same importance as launching of a space-ship, took place in our country, the country creating a New world" (M.A.Y., 6.11.1960).

Nevertheless this invention was kept a secret for a long time. Only in twenty-five years the essence and the results of the researches became known to the World.

"The invention of Kirlian is the greatest discovery of the century. That is why darkness rises against it and interferes its existence. Only taking into account its hushing up it is possible to speak about its significance. It may be of great benefit to medicine not even mention engineering and agriculture. Diagnostics of illnesses even in first stages will be exact and especially in diagnosing cancer. This invention is for the welfare. It is a crime to ignore what is really undeniable. And science will finally defeat the darkness." (M.A.Y., VI, 29.09.1965)

Unfortunately, till our days Kirlian effect was used only abroad. German scientist P. Mandel conjectured that a discharge luminescence characteristic of fingers is connected with the state of acupuncture points on them. According to the east medicine canons these points are the beginning and the end of all energy channels. This all the organs of the human body are presented on the fingers. Using "Kirlian diagram" he had analyzed thousands of patient’s fingers photos, and worked out the diagnostic schemes, which give us an opportunity to diagnose a disease just having examined the characteristics of a certain zone emanations. And it is possible not to recollect Elena Ivanovna Roerich words: "Soul and body are just units of different psyhoelectrical fields". (L.E.I.R., 19.08.39)

Now, there are research laboratories under the professor Mandel leadership in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Holland, where patients are successfully cured with the help of colourtherapy (there are notes about it in Agni Yoga); and where further researches of bioenergetic human nature are being made, and where the methods of energocorrection are being tested. In his work professor P.Mandel uses energodiagnostic equipment, based on the "Kirlian effect", and produced by "Vega".

In spite of the fact that the method of a gas-discharge visualization (GDV) was offered by the Kirlian in the end of 40th, and the preconditions of medical diagnostics, based on this method were formulated and substantiated in the 60th it is still not widely used in our country.

Stanislav Philippovich Romaniy was the follower of the Kirlian in Ukraine. He created the gas-discharging device, (AGRD-2). In visualizes human radiation, photographing the corona discharge from fingers. By means of this device we have received unique GDV-photos.

Nowadays professor Konstantin Georgievich Korotkov (St.Petersburg) is studying "Kirlian effect" in Russia. He has created computer complex "GDV-Camera" with the software. He has improved the diagnostic methods that are widely used not only in Russia but also abroad. His priority in this sphere was generally recognized on the international congress "Science, Information, Consciousness'99" in the end of May 1999.

"AGRD-2" and "GDV-Camera" are used in our clinic for diagnosing and examining. They allow us to see a fantastic show that can be hardly reproduced even by colour-photo. A streamer radiate from a finger moves off and then another and another … Children compare them with the sunbeams.

As a rule a healthy man has an integral "crown" of bioluminescences: streamers are wavy, approximately of the same size and evenly distributed. (photo 1)

Irregular bioluminescence, changes in the "crown", appearance of the spherical or other form protuberances and the "crown" concentration are the evidence of a breakdown in the functioning of the organs and systems of organism (photo 2).

The researches have shown us that the pathological changes of a cell are preceded by energy changes in it. Thus, the energy "portrait" gives us an opportunity to examine not only the current state of human body energy but also to diagnose changes in the first stages, long before an illness will indicate itself.

"The medicine of the future will make progress. Photos of human radiation will help in determining, substances that necessary to man. The future knowledge is boundless" (M.À.Y., X, 674).

In fact during researches it was ascertained, that at a choice of tactics of treatment on the basis on the energy regulation the recovers quickly and results are more than stable (photo 3).

When herb selected, the 74 % of the patients recovered. In 80-90 % there was complete recovering clinically fixed.

In group, where the selection of herbs was made nosologically recovering began only in 2-3 weeks (40 %) and only 60% of the patients recovered by the end of the second month.

The similar results were received while using aromatherapy. In case when essential oils were selected taking into account the state of human energy the recovering came 2-3 times quicker than in the case when oils were selected only according to the clinical diagnosis.

GDV-photos are the visual control of the therapy results. Our clinic has marked out the new method of treatment, the method of autogenous-meditative psychotherapy (AMP) and it has obtained the patent of Ukraine ¹22611À. In the course of the researches it was found out that after one séance of AMP the 80 % of the patients had their "crown" recovered. But recovering was not stabile. And only after the whole course of AMP treatment the stable result was fixed in 96 % (photo 4, diagram 1). That was proved by the objective data and clinic examinations.

Today many wonder what abilities they have and how reveal them. How to be healthy and happy?

Thus it is possible to construct a model of man’s life in order to see where energy breakdowns are possible (here effect Kirlian will help), how influence them and how to prevent diseases in the future.

Very interesting information we got researching the colour of radiation. "Not the volume but the colour of radiation gives us a particular approach to how to treat people" (Insp., 131).

The composition of radiation is very complicated. It includes phychoemanations and physical emanations. They correspond to the "three main essences: corporal, mental and astral" (Insp. 2, III, 16).

Hence, physical and emotional state, dreams and wishes can influence the colour of radiation.

"Every man’s idea, every emotion is immediately reflected in his radiations. Radiations in its turn are expressed in colours or lights easy to see for a sharp-sighted man. Human auras are of different colours. Clear and beautiful thoughts provoke the appropriate of colours: blue, dark-blue or violet. Dark, gloomy thoughts provoke dim, foggy, ugly forms of the streamers ... ". (M.A.Y., VI, 423).

In the course of the investigations it was found out, that a man who feels disharmony, discomfort, fear, aggression, irritations has red emanations (photo 5). On professors V.M. Inushin opinion – these are the hardest fractions of bioplasm, in other words – the lowest level of energy. "How the family of all scarlet attack external ring of aura!" (Insp. 2, III, 16).

Harmonic, even-tempered people have blue, dark-blue and violet colour of radiation (photo 1).

It was determined that the red colours appear and predominate in radiation when a man even just in his mind breaks the Space Laws and Harmony. Thus it was proved that the breakdowns reduce the energy and may cause different diseases.

Agni Yoga advises us to investigate the nature of thoughts. "For example could our thoughts influence the life of a plant? How do animals react different thoughts? And finally how do man himself feels among his own thoughts?" (A.Y., 81).

We‘ve found out that the intensity and the colour of the leaves change in accordance with operator’s mood and thoughts.

If operator sends love and warmth blue colours are predominating. But if he sends " I’ll cut you" – red colour appears (photo 6).

Camera can fix the transformation of the colours. "Scientists know that the only one fleeting idea can colour the whole aura." (Insp. 3, V, 14).

In the course of the investigations the operator energy was changing depending on the type of thoughts. When he sent love to a plant there was an increase of blue. And when he sent "I’ll cut you" red colours appeared or we could see an energy gap (photo 6). The negative thoughts boomerang to the operator. He couldn’t feel strike physically but it was registered by the device.

The existed works prove, that our communication with nature on a medium level causes changes in energy level. Thus thoughts influence environment and finally back to the person who born them, bringing him negative or positive energies, illnesses or health.

Thus the theory of the power of thoughts gets scientific grounding. Though "The interpretation of some moral standards should be revised not only from the cultural point of new but also from the view point of science" (ÀUM, 362).

The main merit of the GDV-method is that it allows diagnosing not only the separate organs or systems but also the whole organism.

By means of Kirlian effect it is possible to examine emotional state of a man and to define to what psychological type he belongs. The researches in the sphere of man’s compatibility are of great interest now, because they give us a new approach to the selection of the personnel, new approach to family and to the forming of interrelationship. It is also possible to choose clothes, food, a place to live all these increase our energy and improve our health.

GDV-method is one of the up-to-date methods, allowing rather quickly to examine a man and to choose the proper individual methods of treatment and to control its efficiency in dynamics.

The point is why not the all researchers get the correct results while using Kirlian effect. They use different devices, materials and physical parameters. But they fail to remember that: "The quality of aura pictures doesn’t depend on film, but really depends on a photographed" (S., 456). Thought in the process of our work we‘ve found out that operator influence the course of investigations and the correct diagnose.

On some GDV-photos we observed structures or formations that gave additional bioluminescence. This strange substance is thin material, frequently disappears while re-observation. It parasiting on man’s energy, apply alien information and cause energy breakdowns that, probably, can cause a disease (image 1, photo 7).

Agni Yoga says, that "the aura fixer is the indisputable argument for ignoramuses" (Insp. 3, V, 14) to realize that there’s Thin world that gives an opportunity to a man to understand himself, to show the best in his nature. N.K. Rerich in his letters to A.M. Aseev wrote: "The principles of Living Ethics as a vital basis are interwoven with body prophylaxis. Not so long ago body prophylaxis attracted to much attention, but today heart attracts. It is the dwelling-place of Agni and should attract the Scientifics’ attention".

It is considered that physical training exercises help people to become stronger and healthier. But sport is a limit of man’s permissible stains and it doesn’t make man healthier but vice versa. "Let the peculiarities of each sports to be studied. Most of that sort strains do not make use for our vitality" (A., 483).

By means of "GDV-Camera" and "AGRD-2". We have tested 72 children (18 were treated in our clinic) and 34 adults training badminton, football, gymnastics. We’ve diagnosed their energophysiological state before the sport classes. 52% had energy disbalance and 36 % had pathological processes in their organism (photo 8).

After physical training the energy redistribution was fixed at 92% of examinees. The energy fall-out was registered in liver – 24%, kidneys – 37%, broncho-pneumonical system – 40%, respiratory system – 46%, small intestine – 53%, urine-genital system - 62%. Energy fall-outs and aggression were registered in: respiratory system – 38%, liver – 48%, kidneys – 52%, heart – 67%, blood circulation – 70%, large intestine –72%.

The detailed analyze of the changes allow us to estimate energy adaptation to the loads and to find the most weak organs and systems. Also the complete restoration in 67% of the examinees was fixed. The whole restoration came in 5-6 hours and only in 5% on the second day.

It is known, that the long energy redistribution and the appearance of zones, lacking or overloaded with energy leads to the breakdown of organs and systems, and may cause disease.

Thus it is necessary after physical training to eliminate disbalance as soon as possible.

For this purpose examinees after training underwent the auto-meditative psychotherapy (AMP). "From the ancient times people understood that gymnastics can be both physical and psychological. And the second will be even more effective if it is used consciously" (AUM, 369).

After having only 5-7 min of AUM, even in a unadopted room, the improvement was found at 11% of examines and the complete restoration of the organism at 87% (diagram 2).Children and adults felt an inflow of energy, happiness and cheerfulness.

"The excessive indulging in sport leads to the coarsening of munners, to the intellectual degeneration and to new diseases", E.I. Rerich wrote (L.E.I.R., 19, 04.38 y.). It happens because people who pay too much attention to the body almost forget about their soul and spirit, about their unity. As you can see even in Ancient Greece the exercising of the body was connected with exercising of the spirit. "It is possible to give many examples how the spirit promotes the development examples the development of muscles… Look at the two athletes one just exercises his body and the other body and soul; who will succeed?" (M.O., I, 542).

Among children who have studied at our clinic the disbalance of energosystem was rare and it look less time to reveal the balance. A coach noticed that these children had worked better, they could pull themselves together they gave an out let for their creativity.

Agni Yoga and Secret Doctrine, the heritage of the Rerich and Blavatskaya are the basis for creative scientists to build a town of new Science.

There’s no doubt that we are taking significant changes, first of all in the sphere of our mentality. We should work out new scientific approaches not only to world outlook but also to the researches in the sphere of radiation. And the Living Ethics allow scientists to direct his thoughts to the right evolutional direction.

"Illnesses are reflected in astral and vice versa". (M.O., III, 292).

"The structure of aura is very complicated. It is composed of psychoemanations and physical emanations. Every thought is reflected in it. Every aspiration receives an emanation. In studying aura you should be particular about aura separation that corresponds to two Worlds. You should be also careful in studying radiation when ill, it can be a result of the World of Fire. We consider aura as a Thin body with the streamers radiating from the center into outer world. The creativity of spirit is rather often reflected in aura. Certainly the human radiation has different layers, which are the indices for many scientific investigations. Also it is very important to investigate magnetism of fingers end eyes because they give a powerful combination of personal and universe magnetism. So on your way to the World of Fire it is necessary to approve every connection of radiation with the Universe" (M.O., III, 145).

Semenikhin E., Jeltjakova I.

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