The project of
realization of the international scientific expedition
"Earth - our common home"

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Forum of the project

Goal: researching of energies of Earth and of man by a method of discharge visualization (effect of Kirlian), popularization of ideas of the Pact of the Peace by N.K.Roerich.

Task: researching of energies of plants, water, man by a method GDV in various regions of Earth, reading of popular scientific lectures, holding conferences, seminars, cultural measures, research of health of the population in various regions.

Organizers: the international union of medical and applied Bioelectrography (IUMAB) (President, professor K.G.Korotkov), Korrect Technologies (..Korotkov) (St.-Petersburg), Medical Academy of Spiritual Development "MADRA" (President E..Semenikhin) (Dnepropetrovsk), Private clinic of psychotherapy and east medicine "Urusvati" (Dnepropetrovsk).

Chiefs of the project: the professor K.G.Korotkov, E..Semenikhin.

Information support: Dniepropetrovsk regional teleradiocompany (Director - S.I.Povod).

Participants of expedition * : travel company "Wind of Wanderings" (director S.V.Klimenko),

Sponsors of the project * :

Provisional route of expedition: (in a stage of development)

I step - Dnepropetrovsk - Crimea - item. Dinskaya of Krasnodar territory (Kirlian museum) - Krasnodar (monument to the spouses Kirlian) - Dnepropetrovsk. May 2002

Transport of expedition: I stage - bus, automobiles;

Forum of the project

* - We are ready to consider your propositions

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