"GDV-Camera" complex opportunities for diseases prevention

"Also the milk of every thing that moveth and
liveth upon earth shall be meat for you…" (The Essen Gospel of Peace)

The recent developments performed with the help of the "GDV-Camera" have helped us elaborate the theory of occurrence and treatment of diseases. The theory corresponds to canons of east medicine which runs that it is the infringement in energy processes that results in occurrence of diseases. He treatment directed to stabilizing energy processes leads to ultimate recovery of patients. This fact is proved by centuries - old practice of the Tibetan medicine which considers that there are no incurable diseases. Having confirmed Agni Yoga postulates, the "GDV-Camera" gave possibilities to find canons of healthy life.*

Our organism is self-regulating energy system, so one of factor of the help to it is not the stress fell influence of medicines or products on physical body, but usage of "conformity" principle of energy incorporated by nature into the environment. It was still known to Paracelsus and this idea has been proved by the investigations performed with the help of "GDV-Camera" in the course of the study of herbs, volatile oils, words, thoughts, pray and the Earth radiation influence on human organism. The results of our research have been presented on the previous congresses.

One of the oldest mottoes of medicine runs "it is easier to prevent than to cure illness", so we decided to continue our investigations directed so solving problems connected not only with treatment but with prophylaxis as well and singled out the influence of food products on the radiation emitted by a person as a special subject one of postulates of Aure Veda medicine says that 999 of 1000 diseases are results of wrong nutrition. Being the most widespread and frequently taken by people, milk and milk products were selected as the objects of our study. Besides, the descriptions of influence on human organism differ greatly and ever radically.

55 persons have been investigated, 7 of them are children. Volunteers were proposed to take various milk products: pair milk, hot milk with soda, pasteurized milk and yoghurt on an empty stomach. Radiation was measured on 10 fingers before and 30-40 minutes after taken the products.

The investigation showed that after taking pair milk the area of the lighting increased with 85,7% of children, as to the other 14,3% the lighting decreased because of uniinstantly negative attitude.

As to the adults their energy potential is restored best of all by hot milk with soda. Second place belongs to pair milk. Pasteurized milk and milk treated in Microwave oven caused the decrease of lighting with 60% of people tested.

In all cases the influence of milk shows either the increase of lighting area or its stability (even of total potential decreases) in the zones of thin intestines, liver, thick intestines. In the case with hot milk and soda the energy potential increased in zones of pancreas, kidneys, lymph, and respiratory system (in addition to the zones mentioned above) with 100% of people tested. The decreases of lighting zone was observed in zones of liver and pancreas in 33,3% of cases with people who took yoghurt.

In the cases of lighting decreases psychological testing of these people showed either negative or indifferent attitude to this product. This fact made us to conduct special investigation of milk product with the help of "GDV-Camera" and adapter for liquid testing.

17 types of products were tested. Total number of experiments is 210. The lighting area ( in pixels) was taken as the only parameter of investigation.

The largest areas were demonstrated BEO-grammes of colostrum (9416), milk in 10 days after calving (9206), goat milk (8920). The least areas had milk of cows sick with leukosis (6090), whey (5900), dry milk (5830). Different yoghurts also demonstrated different areas of radiation (from 5810 to 7418 pixels).

The next step in our work was the investigation of human influence on energy potential of milk. Milk turned to be a good indicator of human influence. When there was a discord among researchers the potential of milk fell by 15,3%, while praying the potential increased by 18,8% and the transmission of kind thoughts increased the potential by 5,8%.

Having investigated the reaction of different milk products on the influence of operator we obtained the following data. The best "reaction" was demonstrated by whey - the increase by 55,7%, then comes pasteurized milk - 46,6 and yoghurt is only 1,6%. One more law was revealed - milk "charging" has its energy limit - the maximal lighting area was 10100 pixels.


1. Undoubtedly, energy of milk and milk products influence human energy potential and hence human's health.

2. The date obtained show that milk and milk products are of substantial value for nutrition of both adults and children and their health, but individual selection is necessary. Besides, it is personal attitude to these products should also be taken into consideration.

3. It is necessary to investigate energy value and compatibility of food products as one of the factors of health preservation.

4. The "GDV-Camera" complex is a unique device which today allows to elaborate techniques of the future and is indispensable for researchers, doctors and companies producing food products.

5. It is possible to assume that among similar products, those of higher potential will be of greater demand. (Further studies are desirable).

* Detailed information about the theory of diseases occurrence, treatment, prevention can be obtained from the book "Steps to Health, Happiness and Harmony" (Russian language. Publishing house, "MADRA", 2001).

Semenikhin E.E., Zheltyakova I.N., Chumachenko K.N.

Medical Academy of Spiritual Development "MADRA", Private clinic of psychotherapy and east medicine "Urusvati",
Agrarian firm "Olimpex -Agro" - Ukraine, Dniepropetrovsk

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